Yoplait Original Strawberry Yogurt

Found this at Cold Storage. It is a very popular brand in the United States but I am pretty sure most Singaporeans never heard of it. We only know of Marigold...

Found this at Cold Storage. It is a very popular brand in the United States but I am pretty sure most Singaporeans never heard of it. We only know of Marigold and Magnolia, which is kind of sad. Although we can find different varieties of yogurt in Singapore, these brands will usually have a premium price tag since they are considered to be “high end” yogurt. In actual fact, they are not. These are just plain regular yogurt, nothing special about that. Neither do they have super cool ingredients in them. Just plain old flavoured yogurt made in the United States. But the Yoplait Original Yogurt cost over S$5 per 170g of yogurt! Surprised!? This means that for a 1kg of Yoplait Original Yogurt in Singapore, you will need to pay S$35! Truly amazing how expensive such a simple thing is in Singapore, right? If you think that living in Singapore is easy, you will be deeply mistaken. By the way, I got this on offer. The price was halved to about S$2.80 when I bought it as it was going to expire soon. And I don’t go around buying such expensive stuff every day either. I am merely just one of the mortals trying to survive in Singapore.

Anyway, I have to tell you, this Yoplait Original Yogurt is one of the best yogurt I ever tasted. Yes, it is a bit too sweet but the flavour is just perfect. Even with it’s sweetness, you won’t have this sticky aftertaste after you have consumed the yogurt, which is usually the problem with eating sticky stuff like yogurt. And the texture is quite creamy (not as creamy as the Dairy Farmer’s yogurt) and even after stirring the yogurt for a while, it doesn’t get runny. I am quite impressed. Now I know why the Americans love this brand of yogurt.

A bit weird looking right, this Yoplait Original Yogurt. The bottom is wider than the top. Actually it is a brilliant idea. You see, the yogurt doesn’t fill all the way to the bottom. There is a empty space at the bottom and even if it looks sizable from here, most consumers don’t know that, in fact, there is less yogurt than it appears. Smart marketing but tells you a lot about big businesses, doesn’t it? What else can I say?

99% fat free. This means that the milk has about 1% butterfat in it. Sorry about the blurred picture. My camera don’t seem to work very well in the evenings or that I just suck at photography. Either way, I apologize.

Cool, 20% of the daily value of calcium and vitamin D. I think what they meant is that one serving contains about 20% of the daily recommended intake of Calcium and Vitamin D.

What is Grade A K D?  This is a low fat yogurt (like all commercial yogurts out there) with 1% milkfat and vitamins A& D added. If you can find a commercial yogurt made from full cream or whole milk, tell me. I would like to have a taste. Oh, check out the Live & Active Cultures Seal at the bottom. I am liking it!

Ya, one serving contains about 15% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A, 20% of Vitamin D, 20% of Calcium and 15% of Phosphorus.  Healthy stuff?

Wow, what a list of ingredients – Cultured pasteurised Grade A Low fat milk sugar, strawberries, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, nonfat milk, kosher gelatin, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, natural flavour, pectin, coloured with carmine, vitamin a acetate and vitamin d3. Yes, that is why I choose to make my own yogurt – commerical yogurt contains just too much additives and sugars. Sure, it taste very nice, but if I am eating yogurt for my health, then what’s the point of consuming so much sugars? And what the hell is Grade A milk? Is there a Grade AA milk as well?

Oh, this yogurt contains active yogurt cultures including l.acidophilus. Great for your intestines!

Slimmer top widder bottom. Looks sizable but contains much less than it appears. Isn’t understanding the dirty tricks of businesses very fun? And “it is so good”! LOL.

Actually, this Yoplait Yogurt is very good for introducing young children or those who hates yogurt to world of yogurt. It is very sweet, so children will love them and adults who dislike the taste of yogurt will find that it taste just like pudding, just creamier. Although looking at the tons of sugars in the yogurt is enough to give you a heart attack, I think that we have to be practical. Not everyone like the tanginess and the tartness of plain home made yogurt. So what better way to get them eating yogurt then this sweet Yoplait Yogurt, right? Once they are used to the taste of yogurt (or something like yogurt), you can start to slowly introduce yogurts with less sugar in them.

Caspian Sea Yogurt – Let’s Enjoy!

So finally the Caspian Sea Yogurt dried culture has arrived and I am so excited. I am giddy like a little schoolboy who has just received his first Playstation 3. Well,...

So finally the Caspian Sea Yogurt dried culture has arrived and I am so excited. I am giddy like a little schoolboy who has just received his first Playstation 3. Well, not really. Hardly get excited about something these days. Probably because I am getting old and things get boring and monotonous to me very fast.

As you guys should know by way, I have been making yogurt for some time. Yes, regular yogurt. The kind that taste tangy and tart. No, unlike those you find in our local supermarkets, plain home made yogurt is kind of sour because there is no additional sweetener or cream. But unlike those you find in the supermarkets, home made yogurt are usually free from additives, preservatives or other nonsense. What you get is pure yogurt (unless of course you add them yourself). What I am saying is that if you are looking for pure yogurt, you have no other choice but to make them yourself. And what plain home made yogurt lacks in the taste department, it more than makes up for the freshness and the health benefits it confer to its host. Just think of all those good bacteria helping to maintain a healthy digestive system for you.

However, I have found a solution for the sourness and tartness of the regular yogurt – we call it the Caspian Sea Yogurt or Matsoni to be exact. It hails from the republic of Georgia. It doesn’t taste tart (well, a bit but it taste more bland than tart, you can even feel some sweetness as well) and is very easy to make. More so than regular yogurt where you need to maintain a relatively high temperature in order for the yogurt cultures to do its work of converting milk sugars (lactose) to lactic acid and lactase which forms curds. Caspian Sea Yogurt cultures does it at room temperature. So you don’t need any additional equipment (like a heating pad or a yogurt maker) to make this Caspian Sea Yogurt! Just do it on your tabletop.

The Caspian Sea Yogurt dried culture in a cotton ball. I bought this from eBay. The eBay store is Nick’s Natural Nooks. You can access their eBay listing here. Doesn’t look appealing does it? However, we must understand that this is a dried culture, which means that the yogurt on the cotton ball has been fan dried. If you have seen dried yogurt, you would not be surprised to see the colour has changed significantly. Caspian Sea Yogurt is white in colour!

Another view of the Caspian Sea Yogurt dried culture.

Here, I have placed the dried culture into my yogurt container. Yes, I am using the Easiyo Yogurt maker jar but you can use any wide mouth container – best to have a glass container. But food grade plastic will do fine. You will not leave it for months anyway, just about 16-24 hours for it to ferment. Oh, ensure that the container is very very clean. Make sure you use soap and scrub off all particles and dirt from the container. You don’t want other bacteria to come in and contaminate your yogurt. For me, I use sanitizer like Iodophor to sanitize my container. If you don’t have Iodophor (which is basically food grade stabilized Iodine), you can use a little bleach with water and let it stand for a few minutes. Remember to thoroughly rinse off any bleach after sanitizing your container – you do not want to kill off the Caspian Sea Yogurt cultures.

I add fresh milk. The instruction from the seller tells me to use a small amount first but I sort of ignored it. In Singapore, our temperature is warmer than what the US faced, so the yogurt culture should have enough heat to ferment this (nearly) 1 litre of milk in 24 hours.

As you can see from the above picture, I have placed the yogurt container in a bucket of water. This is to prevent any insects from reaching the milk/yogurt. That would be horrible. The reason is that we will not be closing the cover tight because for this Caspian Sea Yogurt Culture, they need oxygen in order to do their work, unlike regular yogurt which requires little or no oxygen.

I loosely cover the container. We don’t want any nasties to fall into our milk. Again, that would be horrible. After that, best to place the bucket and yogurt container some place where it is cool and undisturbed. I ferment this yogurt for 24hours. I would like a firmer yogurt.

After 24 hours, I open the cover and yes, we have yogurt! Hooray! Isn’t life great? You can see a little whey at the sides which is okay. The whey is a normal “byproduct” of the yogurt making. And if you take a spoon and scoop a little of the yogurt out, you will find that it has a very different texture from regular yogurt. Sort of creamy and a bit more sticky than regular yogurt. Some say it feels like honey. The amount of whey is significantly less than what you find in regular yogurt so don’t worry. And the taste? Well, it taste just wonderful. Very little tang and hardly any tartness. But seriously very bland. Not to worry, just add a little honey or some fruits and you would have made yourself a fine dessert. No wonder the Japanese love this stuff so much.

Well, I hope that you guys would experiment with other types of yogurt other than those normal s.thermophilus and l.bulgaricus yogurt. In fact, there are like Piima Yogurt, Viili Yogurt, Fil Mjolk Yogurt, Buttermilk and Greek Yogurt cultures available online! Don’t worry, it should be safe, people have been consuming these yogurts for centuries and they are actually living very healthy and long lives. Ciao!

Bought The Caspian Sea Yogurt Starter

I went ahead and bought the Caspian Sea Yogurt yesterday – dried one of course. If I had purchased the fresh Caspian Sea Yogurt, it have probably have expired on the...

I went ahead and bought the Caspian Sea Yogurt yesterday – dried one of course. If I had purchased the fresh Caspian Sea Yogurt, it have probably have expired on the way to Singapore from the United States. It is surprising that you cannot find anyone online selling this Caspian Sea Yogurt from Japan but rather from the United States. It is supposed to be one of the most popular health food in Japan! Maybe because all the sites that do are in Japanese and I don’t know a single word of their language.If I am not wrong, it should take about 10 days to arrive from the United States by normal mail. So I guess I have 10 days to read up on how to make the Caspian Sea Yogurt.

Anyway, I bought this yogurt starter from eBay. The seller is brinick12 and you can asscess their page here. With 100% positive feedback, I think it should be safe to assume that this is a very reliable seller. Unless of course eBay’s raing system is crap and easily abused but I find that highly unlikely. This seller does sell a lot of different yogurt starters, you can find the Viili Culture, Buttermilk Culture, Fil Mjolk Culture, Piima Culture and the Greek Yogurt Culture and all of them organic! They also sells loose tea, vanilla extract as well as Kombucha Cultures (SCOBY) and Kefir grains. In other words – health freak people! Na, being one myself, I would be prefered to be called health conscious.  And the truth is, nowadays with our food supply contaiminated with preservatives, stenoids, pollution, genetically modified thingies, bad industrial practices, it is getting important to start paying attention to our food and start choosing the right foods. Although I am only like 30 over, I think it is about time to really eat right. If yogurt and Kefir helps, I am going to start eating them, for my health sake.

The thing about commerical yogurts is that they have a lot of additives which I don’t like. Yogurt should not come with too much additives. Well, a little sugar and fruit pieces and flavours is okay, but if you really look at the ingredient list you will be surprised to see much more than that. Usually they come with cream, thickeners or other fillers, tons of sugar, colouring and flavouring. That is definitely not what healthy yogurt should be. Yogurt should have at the very least some tanginess to it and if you don’t like it tart, perhaps some sugar or honey to sweeten it up. Fruits will definitely help, making it even more delicious. I like my yogurt slightly tart but truthfully, yogurt can be very very sour in it’s plain form, that is why I chose this Caspian Sea Yogurt. It is supposed to be a little sweeter and creamier than regular yogurt.Furthermore, it is very easy to make. Unlike regular yogurt which requires a higher than room temperature to ferment, Caspian Sea Yogurt cultures can ferment in room temperatures. So basically it is just add mix to the cultures and you get a nice container of yogurt the next day. Cool isn’t it?

Oh, I forgot to mention, the seller of the yogurt culture does provide some detailed information on how to make the yogurt. If you have bought the cultures, it would be wise to read up on those information and see how the experts do it. Not much to it anyway.

Caspian Sea Yogurt (Matsoni)

Well, as you guys know, I have been making yogurt using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker for about 6 months already. It is rather easy using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker to make...

Well, as you guys know, I have been making yogurt using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker for about 6 months already. It is rather easy using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker to make my very own yogurt. The yogurt maker itself is pretty cheap and it works fine. All the yogurt I made using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker came out okay and I actually like the taste of the yogurt made from Easiyo’s own Yogurt sachets. Basically the Easiyo Yogurt sachet contains milk powder, flavouring and dried lactic cultures. So you add water to the milk powder and cultures and then ferment using the provided flask to maintain a high enough temperature. After a few hours, you will get delicious Yogurt for your whole family to enjoy! The problem is that those Easiyo Yogurt sachets are pretty expensive. The cheapest I can find is about S$5.60 to make 1 litre of yogurt. They have varieties which cost even more – like those organic yogurt. As you guys probably know by now, I am not rich. In fact, I consider myself to be somewhere in the lower-middle class. So those S$5.60 sachets might be a little too rich for my blood. Furthermore, making yourt requires heat loving cultures to do their stuff, so it might be a little more troublesome.

Anyway, I am thinking of buying the Caspian Sea Yogurt Cultures and make myself some Caspian Sea Yogurt. Unlike the normal yogurt, these cultures do not need the high temperatures to ferment milk into yogurt – so you can do it without the hassles of boiling the milk and maintaining the high temperatures. And unlike normal yogurt cultures, if properly handled, they are able to last forever – just keep a small amount as a starter after making each batch. So you get to eat yogurt at the price of just normal milk, without the hassles! Cool. And from what I read, they taste different from normal yogurt as well. The Caspian Sea Yogurt is a slightly sweet, semi-thick, smooth and pourable yogurt. If you guys have never tasted plain yogurt before, it is actually pretty tart aka sour. It might explain why the Japanese like the Caspian Sea Yogurt instead of the plain old yogurt. And what goes great with the Caspian Sea Yogurt? Honey of course! Aren’t those two a match made in heaven?

I am very keen to find out why the Japanese love this Caspian Sea Yogurt so much. The Japanese are not famous for liking things sour, so this yogurt should definitely not be in the sour side. If you find regular old plain yogurt too tart, you might want to try out the Caspian Sea Yogurt. Just like regular yogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt is packed with nutrient, vitamins and minerals. And if you make it yourself, you can be assured that there are no additives or preservatives or any artificial colourings or flavourings in your yogurt. And it is just so easy to make! Just mix the culture and the milk into a container and leave it in a clean cool dry place for 8-16 hours and you will get Caspian Sea Yogurt! No need for a yogurt incubator.

For those who are interested, you can find the different yogurt starters online. The best place is eBay. I am thinking of purchasing my yogurt starter from there too.

Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt

Hooray, it is yet another yogurt making adventure! Well, I am sure that it might not be that interesting for most of you, but for me, it is some sort of...

Hooray, it is yet another yogurt making adventure! Well, I am sure that it might not be that interesting for most of you, but for me, it is some sort of a thrill. Hahahaha! You must be laughing your ass off thinking what kind of person gets a thrill making yogurt. Look at it this way, you have turned milk into yogurt through the addition of live bacteria. The bacteria eats the lactose in the milk and turns it into curds and whey. In the process, it also produces lactic acid which makes the yogurt tart. I mean, isn’t it cool to see that happening? Just like fermentation where you see fruit juice becomes wine. It is indeed a thrill.

Anyway, I went to Bedok the other day and bought myself 2 packs of Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt. And surprisingly, I got one pack of Easiyo Nectarine Yogurt free. Phoon Huat (the store) must be feeling generous these days to be giving out free stuff, considering that they sell stuff pretty expensively. Or perhaps the poor economic outlook is forcing them to come up with more ideas to increase sales. Normally, the Phoon Huat stores in the weekend is very crowded, but not this time. Barely 2 persons in the store that day. Looks like economy is really very bad for us. Well, what can we do but to hope for the best and start saving money whenever possible.

This is the Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt Real base & culture. Yes, this is unsweetened! No, I am not watching my weight. I am very skinny you know! The reason why I am using unsweetened yogurt is because I am going to mix this with some honey. No point eating sweetened yogurt with honey right? Oh, this makes 1kg of Low Fat Greek Yogurt.

For those who don’t know what Greek Style yogurt is, it is basically just strained yogurt. So it is some sort of thicker and creamier yogurt with less whey. In the case of Easiyo Low Fat Greek Yogurt, it simply means just a little more milk powder to make up the bulk of the actual yogurt curd.

The back of the 170g Low Fat Greek Yogurt base. Basically it tells you how to make the yogurt in a few simple steps. If I can do it, I am sure most of you guys can. Actually, everyone should start make their own yogurt. It is simple and you get to choose what to add into your yogurt. Furthermore, you can be assured that this is real yogurt with as few additives as possible.

Yes, makes 1kg perfect yogurt every time! It contains billions of “live” cultures in every spoonful including the acidophilus bacteria. And it contains at least 51% of your recommended daily intake of calcium in every serving. Oh, this Easiyo Yogurt pack has no artificial colours or preservatives, is Non-GM, Gluten free with low Glycaemic Index. And finally, this is Halal Certified. So it should be suitable for nearly everyone in Singapore.

Now let’s check out it’s ingredients list – Pasteurised skim milk solids (98%) from free range cows, live lactic cultures (l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus and l.acidophilus). That’s all! Are you now assured that this is really yogurt? Unlike those you normally find in the stores, they do not contain any other additives like thickeners, cream, fruit pieces, sucrose, preservatives and so on.

You can keep the made-up yogurt in the fridge up to 2 weeks.

Well, here we have is the nutritional information of the yogurt. Wow, 200g of Easiyo Low Fat Greek Style Yogurt has 410mg of Calcium! That’s impressive and considering that most of us don’t consume enough calcium in our diet, yogurt should always be included in our diets.

Dairy Farmers Bush Honey Yogurt

Wow, this is one of the best yogurt I have ever tried. I am not kidding you, it tastes extremely delicious. I normally will not be so excited about a certain...

Wow, this is one of the best yogurt I have ever tried. I am not kidding you, it tastes extremely delicious. I normally will not be so excited about a certain brand of yogurt, especially considering that I have been taking yogurt like everyday since last October, but this time, I have to say, the Dairy Farmers Bush Honey Yogurt is just absolutely great! It is rather thick, something like those Greek yogurt but with a very nice consistency. You will not get those runny yogurt in Dairy Farmers like the other yogurt brands. Furthermore, the honey flavour is pretty good and not overwhelming. I am surprised to find the sweetness is just right. Most manufacturers will often over-sweeten their yogurt in order to cater for the regular consumer, but not Dairy Farmers. That’s one big thumbs up!

If you don’t know much about the brand Dairy Farmers, you are not alone. I too have no idea who or what is Dairy Farmers. Although I have seen several advertisements for this brand, it does not seem very popular in Singapore. Please take a look at their website here. It seems that they are based in Australia and are a major supplier of high quality dairy and dairy products. And the Ski brand of yogurt (which I like very much as well) is also under them. That is just so very cool!

Yes, this is the Dairy Farmrs Thick & Creamy 98% fat free premium yogurt with all the goodness of the country. Wow!

Yup, yet again, this is the Dairy Farmers Thick & Creamy Bush Honey 98% fat free yogurt. This is the 550g “bucket”. Do note that this is a premium yogurt which means that it comes with a premium price tag. It costs about S$5.80 (on offer) for this 550g of yogurt. Do note that the Marigold 1kg yogurt normally costs about S$6.10 and about S$5.60 on offer. That is a huge difference in price and well, of course a big difference in taste as well.

I doubt that you find this at Shop N Save or at Sheng Siong. Heck, not even all NTUCs carry them.  I have seen them on the shelves of Cold Storage though.

Just look at the Low Fat Honey Yogurt ingredient list – Skim Milk, Concentrated Skim Milk, Sugar, Honey, Cream, Thickener, Flavour, Halal Gelatine, Food Acid and Cultures like l.acidophilus, bifidobacetrium and s.thermophilus. I am wondering why even with honey, they still add sugar into the yogurt? Isn’t the honey supposed to be the sweetener? Or is it because it is just not sweet enough? Looking at the list, it seems to say that 6% of the total weight is made up of honey.  I am also a big fan of honey you know!

Anyway, I was hoping that they add l.casei cultures into the mix but I was disappointed. I had expected more types of live cultures in this yogurt, seeing that this is a pretty expensive yogurt but it seems that Australian yogurt manufacturers aren’t exactly like American manufacturers, who are keen to add every damn lactic cultures they can find in their yogurt. Don’t really know whether this is a good thing or not.

Hehehehe, made with award winning milk from Dairy Farmers!  If only we can find this award winning milk in Singapore. I had searched high and low for this Dairy Farmers Milk, but no luck. Anyway this yogurt is low in fat (only 1.7%), free from all artificial ingredients & preservatives, comes with live cultures to help keep your body in balance and is calcium rich. Not surprising, the Dairy Farmers company is still 100% Australian owned. Australia do have a good reputation when it comes to diary products so let’s forgive the Australian nationalist pride.

The view from the top. The best before date is 19 April 2009, which means that this yogurt is quite fresh.

A picture of the Dairy Farmers Bush Honey Yogurt in a bowl, waiting for me to eat it. Doesn’t it look absolutely divine?

I would highly recommend you the Dairy Farmers brand of yogurt and judging from how great tasting this Bush Honey flavoured yogurt is, I am pretty sure that the other variety should taste great as well. I am becoming a big fan of Dairy Farmers. Too bad, me broke.

Easiyo Low Fat Yogurt – Berries & Apricot

It is time again for yet another yogurt fest! Yes, I have been making yogurt all this while but not as regularly as I would like. I am a fan of...

It is time again for yet another yogurt fest! Yes, I have been making yogurt all this while but not as regularly as I would like. I am a fan of yogurt. Even those plain natural yogurt which nobody in Singapore likes to eat. If you hand me a cup of yogurt, as long as it is fresh, I will eat it! I am a yogurt maniac! And yes, I have been making yogurt using the Easiyo Sachets and the Easiyo Yogurt Maker. The Easiyo Yogurt Maker is a very low cost equipment for making Yogurt. Unlike those electric yogurt makers which can cost like 100 over dollars, the Easiyo Yogurt Maker cost about S$30 or so. And with it comes 2 sachets of yogurt mix. And you don’t need to boil or measure the temperature like other non-electric Yogurt Maker. You merely add boiling water to the flask and add the mix to room temperature water. That’s it! And you get perfect yogurt every time.  In fact, I have been making Yogurt since October and never once did I fail using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker and the sachets. I would highly recommend it to everyone. The only problem is that the Easiyo Yogurt Sachet is a bit on the expensive side. One sachet costs about S$5.60 to S$6.10. I guess this is how they make money. Sell the Yogurt Maker at cost and make money from the sachets.

Oh, this time I purchased the low fat variety of Easiyo sachets. No, I am not worried about my weight. I am a skinny dude. In fact, I am looking to increase my weight significantly. But I am interested to see how the taste of the low-fat yogurt would be. Something new for me. All these while I have been eating Easiyo’s other varieties and the low-fat yogurt comes with several flavours which are not found in other varieties. Cool. The flavours I purchased are the Berries and Apricot flavours.

Expensive or not? For 2 packs of Easiyo low fat yogurt sachets, it cost S$11.00 cash. Come on, it is expensive! Brands like Marigold Yogurt are cheaper than that. Of course there are brands which are more expensive but those are like gourmet-kind of Yogurt. It is not like the Easiyo yogurt’s taste is ultra tasty or anything like that. Yes, it does taste nice, but the price is seriously a bit on the high side.

Yes, Low Fat Yogurt! Yum yum! Check it out, this is unsweetened which means that there is no sugar added. I am guessing that this will be as sour as natural yogurt you find in the local supermarkets. Might not be something a lot of Singaporeans like. Actually, this seems quite healthy, especially if you are watching your weight.

Ahhh….the back of the Yogurt Sachet. Yes, the smiley Ang Mo man is still there and it seems that he doesn’t stop smiling.  I actually like Low Fat yogurt, makes me feel less guilty when I eat a lot of the stuff.

Check it out. This is about 140g of unsweetened real yogurt base & culture. And if you check out the sweetened variety of yogurt mix, you will find that it contains about 240g of yogurt mix. This means that 100g of the yogurt mix consists of sugar! Yup, something to think of when you make yogurt. You really need a lot of sugar to make the yogurt taste like what we find in the stores. So you should really go and try to make your very own yogurt and avoid all those sugars. Think “healthy” my friends!

The ingredients are pasteurised semi skim milk solids, flavouring, live lactic cultures like l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus and natural colour.  If you are looking for more live cultures, you will have to purchase the BioLife series of Easiyo yogurt sachets. It cost about S$6.10 per pack and comes with limited flavours. However, you do get the additional benefits of those probiotic cultures. Remember fresh yogurt means more probiotic cultures in the yogurt!

Now, it is the Apricot flavour Easiyo Low Fat Yogurt mix. Yes, unsweetened as well. And it makes 1kg of wholesome yogurt.

The back of the Eaiyo Yogurt Sachets. Nothing much of a difference from the Berries flavoured one.

Low Fat Apricot Flavour Real Yogurt Base & Culture. Basically this is the milk and the culture with apricot flavours added to it. The cultures are the live lactic good bacteria which helps to turn the milk into yogurt. And it is Halal certified! If you are a Muslim, this should be okay for you to consume. Many of my Muslim friends are worried about using this Yogurt mix since it comes from New Zealand, but I tell them it is Halal certified.

Basically the ingredients are the same as the Berries flavoured one. The only changes should be the type of flavourings.

I will be making both of them next week and I will definitely try to post a report on it soon. As I said, I will consume yogurt as long as it is fresh. I don’t mind much the taste of the yogurt. I want to be healthy what. And if you are thinking of improving your health, I can think of no other easy ways than to eat fresh (unsweetened) yogurt everyday! Even if you don’t want to spend a few minutes everyday making your own yogurt, you can easily go to the store and buy a few cups of yogurt. They are good for you too.

Marigold Non Fat Blueberry Yogurt

Yup, once again we have yet another yogurt review. This time it is for the Marigold Non Fat Blueberry Yogurt. I bought this just yesterday as I did not visit any...

Yup, once again we have yet another yogurt review. This time it is for the Marigold Non Fat Blueberry Yogurt. I bought this just yesterday as I did not visit any Phoon Huat stores to get the Easiyo Yogurt Sachets to make my own yogurt. In fact, I have not been to any Phoon Huat stores for 2 weeks already! So, no homemade yogurt for me. I am reduced to eating store bought yogurt. Yes, the kind which has tons of fillers and what-not in them. So you know, I am not a fan of such commerically made yogurts. Even those natural yogurts come with cream to help make up the bulk of the yogurt. I don’t like it. When I buy yogurt, I want to eat yogurt, not cream, starch or those stuff.

That’s the Marigold Non Fat Yogurt (Yoghurt) –  Blueberry flavour. Well, it comes with real blueberries which I love. Blueberries are just are strawberries, they go great with everything, even yogurt. Come on, admit that you like blueberries too.

What? It comes with Calcium and Fibre! That’s very cool! And look at those tasty blueberries!

Ahh…the ingredients. It contains Milk Solids, blueberry(one??), Inulin (prebiotic fibre), sucrose, tricalcium phosphate, permitted stabilizers, permitted flavouring and live cultures. I am guessing that the live cultures this Marigold yogurt has is just the 2 common ones – s.thermophilus and l.bulgaricus. And hey, they have the Live & Active Cultures seal! Interesting. You can hardly find any yogurt brands in Singapore that carries this seal.

1kg of yogurt goodness! Hey, look! It is a  product of Singapore. I am always keen to support our own brands – they provide jobs for Singaporeans. This yogurt expires on 13th Feburary.

Agreed. Live probiotic cultures do help to maintain a healthy digestive system, if you eat enough of them. That is exactly why I recommend everyone to eat at least about 250g of yogurt per day. Try it and you might find yourself much healthier.

Ahh….the yogurt itself. This purple yogurt really looks very tempting.

The overall taste is quite alright. But the blueberry flavour seemed a bit weak. Feels a bit like plain yogurt with just blueberries added to it but perhaps that’s the idea! Who knows? The most important is that it taste delicious and I will keep on buying it. Of course, making my own yogurt takes precedence. Home made yogurt is the best, the healthiest and the most delicious! However, not everyone has the time and the energy to make their own though. So, this is where store bought yogurt comes in.

Easiyo Yogurt – Cherry & Raspberry

It is time again to make myself some yogurt. Don’t you just love yogurt? I just can’t get enough of yogurt. Yup, every spoon of the delicious and creamy yogurt is...

It is time again to make myself some yogurt. Don’t you just love yogurt? I just can’t get enough of yogurt. Yup, every spoon of the delicious and creamy yogurt is like eating a piece of heaven. And it is also a very healthy snack which can be enjoyed by the very young and the very old. However, I would not recommend giving babies yogurt as I am not convinced that yogurt can be a good substitute for milk. But for everyone else, it should be a great alternative to milk. Or you can merely take yogurt alongside milk if you have no problems with drinking milk.

Anyway, I went to Sim Lim Square last Saturday and next to Burlington Square and next to a small hotel, there lies a Phoon Huat store. And inside the Phoon Huat store, we can find Easiyo Yogurt sachets. They are the distributors of Easiyo products mah! It is not surprising that last Saturday, the Phoon Huat store was packed with aunties and uncles buying baking ingredients and stuff for Chinese New Year. Those amateurs! One who only cooks during Chinese New Year is no match for someone like me who makes Yogurt more than twice per week. lol. Well, I bought myself 2 sachets of Easiyo Yogurt – Cherry and Rapsberry flavours. Both of which I have not tried before. So I guess I would be tasting some wonderful Cherry and Raspberry yogurt soon enough!

That’s the Easiyo Cherry Yogurt Sachet. Or some called it Cherry Flavour Yogurt Real Base & Culture. 235g of milk powder and flavourings to make 1kg of yogurt! 1kg of yogurt is not enough for me hor!

The back of the Easiyo Raspberry Yogurt Sachet. Well, nothing special about that as we have seen this time and time again when you read my Easiyo reviews. I am sorry about that but for completeness,  I have to take photos of the back of the sachet.

The ingredients are about the same. It contains Pasteurised whole & skim milk solids (57%) from free range cows (which could mean that they are organic?), natural emulsifier, lecithin, sugar, flavouring, live lactic cultures like l.bularicus, s.thermophilus and l.acidophilus and natural colour. This Cherry flavour yogurt contains only 3 types of live cultures.

Hooohooohooo! Rapsberry flavoured yogurt! Now, we all know that Rapsberry is the next best thing to Strawberry. And nothing can go wrong when you add Raspberry to ice cream, cakes, bread, pudding and yes, yogurt! This sachet contains about 230g of milk powder and flavourings.

Errr….yet another picture of the Sachet. The Raspberry Flavour Real Yogurt Base & Culture!

Hmmm….you can see that there is a difference in the ingredients used. Firstly, the milk solids is now 68% rather than 57% which means that the Raspberry Yogurt contains more milk solids compared to the Cherry Flavoured one? Not entirely sure why is this too. The weight difference is a mere 5 g. And check out the live lactic cultures they have! This contains l.bularicus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus, bifidobacteria and l.casei cultures! Yes, 5 types of live cultures, same as the BioLife range of Easiyo yogurt! And priced lower as well! However, this makes me even more confused. Why does the Raspberry flavoured yogurt come with more milk solids and more types of live cultures but is priced the same as the Cherry sachet?

This is the end of my little review. Hope that you guys will enjoy making yogurt as much as I do. And if you don’t mind, please share with us your experiences. Ciao!

Dutch Lady Shine Drinking Yogurt (Yoghurt)

Could not resist it. These drinking yogurt are usually located at the same area as normal yogurt in the local supermarkets, so it is not difficult to find. And they do...

Could not resist it. These drinking yogurt are usually located at the same area as normal yogurt in the local supermarkets, so it is not difficult to find. And they do look very tempting, especially to a yogurt fan like me. As you guys know, I have been regularly consuming yogurt daily for the past 3 months. I feel healthier and I feel great. Yup, I did get a little cough and flu but it was nothing serious. I am betting that eating yogurt really helped me fight against these diseases.

Drinking yogurt are just like yogurt in more liquid form. That would mean that yogurt being mixed with water or juice. Yup, you are actually drinking diluted yogurt! But if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to eat, drinking yogurt could be the next best thing. Just grab a bottle of drinking yogurt and gulp it down as you go about your travels. Convenient and easy with no need to fumble for a spoon to scoop your yogurt. But I believe the amount of nutrition in the drinking yogurt should be less than what you consume for the same amount in actual yogurt.  However, I find that drinking yogurt is rather sticky and it is not a good way to quench your thirst.If you are drinking this drinking yogurt for health reasons (as in the yogurt and the juice), I think it is okay. However, don’t try to drink drinking yogurt to quench your thirst. It won’t work! You might find yourself more thirsty if you do it.

Dutch Lady Shine Drinking Yogurt! Why did they call the drinking yogurt Shine? This is Orange and Mango flavoured. The bottle is one very slender plastic bottle. Quite a nice design too.

Ha, it has 0% fat! Comes with green tea extract as well! I am not too sure what the exact benefits of green tea extract is, but it should be good. And it comes with live cultures, which ALL yogurt eaters/drinkers should check out for.

Words of advise from Dutch Lady. And I hope to try all the fruity flavours. The problem is that they have only like 3 varieties which I can find from the stores. lol.

Product of Malaysia. The total weight of the drink is 750g. I assume that a quarter of which is the actual yogurt and the rest is juice and/or water. I would prefer to eat the yogurt and then drink water/juice myself.

Wow, check out the ingredients.  Sucrose, fructose, milk solid non fat, mango juice, orange juice, critic acid, vitamin C, green tea extract, mixed live cultures (like l.bularicus, s.thermophilus)and other stabilizers and colouring. No wonder my mouth feels very sticky when I drink it – so much sugar!

This is the other drinking yogurt I bought. Same brand but different flavour. This is the Strawberry and Raspberry flavour. Still love the design of the bottle.

Not much of a difference from the Orange and Mango drinking yogurt. They did however change the picture of the Oranges and Mangoes to Strawberries and Raspberries.

Same thing here. Made in Malaysia.

Well for the ingredients list, the only differences are the type of juices they added in. For the Strawberry and Raspberry flavoured yogurt, they added Strawberry and Raspberry juice! Amazing!

The truth is that I am not a fan of drinking yogurt. I heard that it is very popular in the Middle East and in India. But I just don’t like it. I would prefer a much solid and creamy yogurt. The texture of the drinking yogurt is more like those chocolate drinks, plus the Dutch Lady ones seemed way too sweet for me.

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