Marigold Low Fat Yogurt Prune

Wuhahaha, is there no end to yogurt reviews? No, as long as I live, I will keep on reviewing yogurt. But of course, if I went and purchase old yogurts which...

Wuhahaha, is there no end to yogurt reviews? No, as long as I live, I will keep on reviewing yogurt. But of course, if I went and purchase old yogurts which have already been reviewed, then no choice loh. I can’t be reviewing the same old yogurt time and again right? Readers will get bored or they might fall asleep at their desk or worse, write in and complain. Although I have reviewed quite a number of yogurt already, I think there are lots of other yogurts which I have not reviewed yet. Those are less common yogurts which can only be found at certain bigger supermarkets. Most smaller supermarkets only carry the same old “common” brands, which can get pretty boring real fast. But what to do? Singaporeans don’t seem to like changes or to try out new stuff. One of my friends eats only one particular brand of yogurt. I guess it is integrated into Singapore’s culture already.

However, this prune flavour is a rather new flavour. Either that or I have not paid much attention to something which is prune flavoured. Who in the world wants prune in their yogurt?? You will expect flavours like strawberry, peaches, apples, mixed berries, mango and even lime/lemon, but prune??! But guys, I will tell you this, Marigold did it right this time! The taste of this prune yogurt is delightful. The right amount of sourness plus those tiny pieces of prune, makes the whole experience of eating this yogurt heavenly. I never expect to say this, but BRAVO MARIGOLD! Good job there. I would highly recommend you to try out the prune flavour yogurt.

Okay, we have the 2 pack of Marigold Low Fat Yogurt Prune. Is it me, or does the prune in the picture looks slightly disgusting?

Check out all those prune in the yogurt. No, you won’t get big chunks of prune, but tiny weeny pieces of prune in the yogurt. Don’t be fooled by the labels okay? Anyway, it would be difficult to eat the yogurt if there are big (and hard) pieces of prunes in there.

Hmmm…..the healthier choice. I wonder how do you get this Health Promotion Board logo? Does it involve money? And their advice to eat all foods in moderation is a sound one, everyone should heed to this good advice. Furthermore, they got Live & Active Cultures, waiting to do good in your gut.

The top of the 2 pack. Check out the use-by date.

Yaaa!!! Low Fat, contains live probiotics cultures like l.bularicus and s.thermophilus for a healthy digestive system, comes with calcium for strong bones development and has real prunes. First of all, those yogurt cultures, some would not consider them as real probiotics. And all yogurt comes with calcium since they are made with milk. Unless of course if somehow during the process they destroy or removed the calcium from the milk/yoogurt.

Yes, one cup of yogurt. So little, where got enough?

Okay, the ingredients are milk solids, prune, sucrose, permitted stablilisers(of plant origin), permitted flavourings and live cultures. Why can’t they make yogurt from fresh milk instead of milk solids? Still waiting for someone to make their yogurt direct from fresh milk.

Yoghurt or yogurt, the same thing. Different spelling only.

Check out the tiny weeny pieces of prune in the yogurt. Well, the colour is a bit off due to the lighting conditions I took this photo in. The real stuff should be slightly whiter instead of this yellowish brownish colour. Don’t worry, you will love it!

Marigold Low Fat Peach with Calcium!

Ahhh… is yogurt (or yoghurt as Marigold spells it) time once again! I really can’t get enough of yogurt. Not too sure why, but it is becoming some sort of obsession...

Ahhh… is yogurt (or yoghurt as Marigold spells it) time once again! I really can’t get enough of yogurt. Not too sure why, but it is becoming some sort of obsession for me. Every time I go pass a supermarket, I can’t help myself but to go in and check out whether they have any offers for yogurts or whether they are bringing in new brands or new flavours. Damn, looks like the yogurt bug has gotten me. And seriously, I doubt that store bought yogurts are healthier than home made ones. Well, what to do?

Anyway, I bought this from Shop N Save. You can find the Marigold brand of yogurt in almost every supermarket in Singapore. Not that I am saying that the taste of their yogurt is one of the better ones, but to me, they are acceptable for their price. Of course, cannot compare to the other more expensive brands lah. If you are looking for great tasting yogurt, you should try the Dairy Farmers brand of yogurt. They are indeed thick and creamy. For the rest of the common people like me, we have to stick with cheap (not really cheap if you ask me) Marigold ones.

Here we have the Marigold Low Fat Yoghurt Peach with calcium. Does that mean that regular plain old yogurt doesn’t come with any calcium at all? I thought that milk do contain calcium – I mean that is the main reason why lots of people drink milk right? And yogurt is fermented from milk right? I am confused.

Oh, this comes in a 2-pack. Why? I don’t know why. Probably they think that most consumers won’t be able to finish 300g of yogurt in one shot, so they divided in two? That is my guess anyway.

Check out the extremely white yogurt (or is that milk) being poured on the peaches! Wonderful….

Wow, the Healthier Choice logo by the Health Promotion Board. Makes me feel all healthy and fit when I consume the yogurt. But seriously, is it really a healthier choice? What do they compare it to? Oh by the way, there have live & active cultures in this yogurt – one of the most important considerations when consuming yogurt.

Look on the left, they have check boxes!

Hmmm…..low fat, tick. Contains live probiotics cultures like l.bularicus and s.thermophilus, tick. Contains calcium for strong bones development, tick. Comes with real chunky fruits, tick. Well, seriously, those are nothing special. All yogurts comes with those normal yogurt cultures. All yogurts do have calcium, it is not like they add extra calcium or something to this yogurt. And real chunky fruits? Well, nowadays, a lot of yogurts come with real chunky fruits as well.

They don’t have the ingredients listed on the paper wrapping. You will have to take the cup out of the wrapping before you can see what ingredients are in the yogurt. To me, that is actually unacceptable. All ingredients list should be displayed where the consumer can have easy access to.

And so I took out one cup of yogurt from the 2-pack.

The ingredients are milk solids, peach, sucrose, permitted stabilisers, permitted flavourings and live cultures. Good? Maybe as compared to some commerical brands of yogurt, but what are these “permitted stabilisers“?

Ya, made in Singapore. Long live Made in Singapore stuff. But seriously, soon they will all shift to Malaysia or China for production. Singaporeans will be left without jobs.

Okay, there are live probiotic cultures which help to maintain a healthy digestive system. Cool. We all know that but are those probiotics like l.acidophilus and l.casei in this yogurt? No. Just the regular old yogurt cultures, which isn’t that bad but they are not real probiotics per say.

Dairy Farmers Vine Passionfruits “Light” Yogurt

Ahhh….you might be thinking that what’s up with me, buying such expensive yogurt? Well, I got some extra dough a few days from helping others with their PC problems. In gratitude...

Ahhh….you might be thinking that what’s up with me, buying such expensive yogurt? Well, I got some extra dough a few days from helping others with their PC problems. In gratitude for my great service, they gave me some money. So, hey why not? It is time that I spend some money on great tasting food, especially my favourite – Yogurt! As usual, I would highly recommend everyone yogurt as their daily snack or dessert. It tastes great and some of them are actually good for you. You know, the good bacteria and the nutrients and vitamins in the yogurt. And if you can afford it, try the Dairy Farmers brand, especially if you like your yogurt thick and creamy and not watery or runny. Not all the flavours are available at our local supermarkets though but you can try Cold Storage at the town areas where they usually do carry more variety. In fact if you are looking for different varieties of yogurt than the “normal” brands, you should go and take a browse at Cold Storage. They even have some weird Japanese yogurt brands which most Singaporeans like me never heard of.

There you have it – Dairy Farmers Light Vine Passionfruits. Why is it called Vine Passionfruits? It is different from the regular passionfruits? I thought that all Passionfruit trees are actually vines?

Hmmm….the light version comes with 60% less sugar and is 99% fat free. That would certainly explain why I felt some tartness in the yogurt. Not too worry, it isn’t too tart in my opinion. And the passionfruit pieces and seeds are very delicious. They certainly add to the texture of the yogurt. Anyway, I find that most yogurts we find in the stores these days are just too sweet.

Damn, they want us to peel the label of the container and recycle both plastic and paper – but I am no tree hugger! Lol, just joking. If you are into this, please do it. Help save our environment.

Check it out – made with Dairy Farmers Award Winning Milk! However, I can’t find the award winning milk anywhere in Singapore. Too bad. This yogurt is low in fat (only 0.8%) and comes with 3 live cultures. As mentioned, it has 60% less sugar and contains no artificial colours or flavours. Furthermore, it is calcium rich. Oh, before I forget, this is made in Australia! Ya!

Here we have the ingredients list – Skim milk, milk, concentrated skim milk, fruit (passionfruit, orange)(6%), polydextrose, fructose, halal gelatine, thickener, vegetable gum, flavours, lactase, lemon juice concentrate, food acid, sweeteners, natural colour and live cultures like l.acidophilus, bifidobacterium and s.thermophilus. Cool! I guess most commerical makers of yogurt do have to add “stuff” into their yogurt in order to thicken it. Home made yogurt usually comes out runny, which can be a turn-off for most. That is what you get if you want “Thick & Creamy”.

And my beef is still the use of skim milk. Yes, I know that this is the light version, but still the milkfat in the milk is a very important part of the milk. Why rip them away just for marketing purposes?

Ahhh….the nutrition information. The net weight of this yogurt is 170g. Too little for any real taste test, especially for a yogurt lover like me. We need more!

Here we have the aluminum foil cover. If you peel of this cover, you will find yogurt and little tiny passionfruit pieces and seeds. Take a bite and you will discover a new world you never felt before. It is like heaven. Don’t worry about the initial slight sourness, soon you will that all those overtly super sweet yogurt you have been consuming all these years are just crap compared to this!

Dutch Lady Low Fat Apple Yogurt

Hahaha, it is yet another yogurt review. Bet you are eagerly waiting for this right? Or not. But anyway, you are stuck with me doing little reviews on yogurt. So you...

Hahaha, it is yet another yogurt review. Bet you are eagerly waiting for this right? Or not. But anyway, you are stuck with me doing little reviews on yogurt. So you guys might know by know, I am a very big fan of yogurt. I have been consuming yogurt regularly for about 9 months now – since the time when I fell seriously sick with very high fever. I feel that by consuming yogurt, my body seems to be reacting better against germs and bacteria and I definitely feel better in terms of my health. Of course, consuming Kefir might also have helped some what. I am sure that you guys should know that yogurt and Kefir comes with good bacteria (probiotics) which helps to maintain a healthy digestive system in your body. If you have a good digestive system, it means that all the nutrients in the food you eat will be more effectively absorbed by your body. I mean what is the point of eating a lot of healthy food if your body doesn’t absorb the nutrients and vitamins right? Furthermore, up to 80% of your body’s immunity against germs and bacteria depends on your digestive system!

Anyway, I purchased the Dutch Lady Low Fat Apple Yogurt from Shop N Save. As usual, they were on offer. I seldom buy stuff which are not on offer anymore since I am currently broke and penniless. And with the fact that the prices of essentials is raising like nobody’s business (even during economic slowdown), what can I afford? Not much. I have to go for the “value for money” scheme now.

Okay, here we have the photo of the Dutch Lady Low Fat Yogurt Apple flavour. Yes, those are apples in what appears to be greenish milk!

Yes, comes with live culture and fortified with vitamins A, C & E! However, the thought of apples in greenish milk is kind of disgusting if you ask me. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is low fat yogurt (yoghurt), so you ladies out there should have no problems/guilt consuming this.

So little! Only 140g of yogurt. Barely enough for anyone to have a real taste of the yogurt. If you want more, well, you got to pay more loh. Simple as that.

Check out the nutrition table for this yogurt.

It’s smooth and creamy, it has real fruit pieces and it’s so delicious! Sound like what I am about to say. Oh, enjoy this tasty snack, Dutch Lady Yoghurt, that contains live culture and Vitamins A, C & E.  The ingredients are – apples, milk solid non fat, sucrose, milk fat, Vitamins (A, C & E) and mixed live cultures like l.bulgaricus and s.thermophilus. It also contains permitted stabilizer, flavouring and colouring. Too bad, it comes with just 2 types of the more common yogurt live cultures. I was hoping for something like l.acidophilus culture which would be very helpful to our gut. But alas, this yogurt doesn’t come with it.

Manufactured in Malaysia by Dutch Lady Milk Industries Bhd. Hopefully, they are not using China milk to make the yogurt. I am not surprised to see milk from China which might be green in colour.

Comes with a spoon! Good especially for those who buys the yogurt for immediate consumption. No need to go around hunting for a spoon to eat nor is there a need to use your hands to scoop out the yogurt.  Actually if you ask me, I think that it very disgusting to use your hands to dig out the yogurt.

Yes, a bit greenish but it is okay, it is the apple pieces and the colouring that is making the yogurt greenish. Overall, I feel that this is a very decent yogurt. Of course, we can’t compare it to those Diary Farmers or whatever Australian brand of yogurt, but let’s be honest, those yogurt are pretty expensive. It is rather creamy and smooth as stated on the label and there are good amounts of apple pieces in the yogurt.

Yoplait No Fat Strawberry Yogurt

Life is great. I mean, what is better than coming home from work and having a nice cup of delicious yogurt to relax and watch some TV? Nothing. Of course, this...

Life is great. I mean, what is better than coming home from work and having a nice cup of delicious yogurt to relax and watch some TV? Nothing. Of course, this is not completely true. In Singapore, most of us suffer from too much stress and this has certainly affected our diet choices and in turn our health. Most of us think of fried stuff like those greasy fried chicken as comfort food. Yes, what better comfort food than that huge juicy Carl’s Jr burger eh? It taste great (to Singaporeans) and in the end, you feel comfortable. But then, it is not healthy. I am sure most of us know that most fried stuff we find in the shops in Singapore are terribly unhealthy. It is like eating a whole bucket-full of used disgusting grease. So what other comfort foods out there is healthy? Well…we have yogurt!

All of us know that yogurt is good for us. The live cultures in the yogurt helps to maintain a healthy digestive system in our gut and the nutrients and vitamins in the yogurt is excellent. Furthermore, the yogurt itself looks quite appealing to the younger crowd. The main problem is that most commercial yogurts are loaded with sugar and other sweeteners, which if consumed in large quantities is NOT good for us. So how? Most people will go for “lite” varieties of yogurts which have less sugar in them. A lot of consumers also go for the “low fat” or “no fat” varieties in the vain attempt to cut down on “fat” consumption which I find is ironic. A lot of people don’t know that it isn’t “fat” in their foods that is making them “fat”, it is the calories! If you eat too much, you will get fat, whether or not the food you consume contains “fat” in them.

The Yoplait No Fat Strawberry Yogurt. All the green is actually making me giddy. This will definitely appeal to the tree huggers we see crowding at the MacRitchie reservoir every day.

Oh right, no fat yogurt! Again, this will appeal to the health conscious crowd, which in my opinion is flawed. I repeat, the fat in your food don’t make you fat, it is the calories you take! And oh, lookie here, less than 1% added sugar! Of course, they forgot to mention that they have added other artificial sweeteners to the yogurt which are not defined under the label “sugar”.

Yes, Skim milk yogurt with fruit. Actually the taste of this yogurt is quite nice. Only 48 calories per tub. Now I don’t feel that guilty about my weight when I eat this.

Check out the ingredients – Skim Milk, Milk Solids non fat, strawberries, thickeners, fructose, halal gelatine, acidity regulators, stabiliser, flavours, natural colour, sweeteners, preservatives and live yogurt cultures like s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus and bifidobacterium. Yes, those are good bacteria and you should consume more of them.

Made in Australia!

Contains Phenylalanine. So if you are suffering from PKU, you will need to avoid this food.

The cover of the Yoplait “Forme” No Fat Strawberry yogurt. Open this cover and you will be able to see the delicious yogurt underneath. And if you were to dig your spoon into this yogurt and scoop a spoonful of yogurt into your mouth, you will have to agree with me, this is indeed comfort food. Best of health to you guys!

Anlene Hi Calcium Low Fat Yogurt – Mixed Berries

Yes, I know, Anlene is the same company that manufactures the ancient lady’s milk formula. Ya, the one especially made for the bone which old ladies tend to break when they...

Yes, I know, Anlene is the same company that manufactures the ancient lady’s milk formula. Ya, the one especially made for the bone which old ladies tend to break when they fall or walk or something. Well, they are supposed to be the expert in bone nutrition, so whatever they say, we should pay attention, even when we are not at that age. In no time, you might find yourself in the same shoes as those old ladies needing hip replacement or something. And who says you can’t take care of your bones when you are young? In fact, taking care of your bones is important now because they will help when you get old. So please, sit back and enjoy reading this little review and don’t worry about being laughed at when you buy Anlene stuff. Those people don’t know what is good for them.

For those who are in the dark, other than just milk formulas and milk drinks, Anlene do have a line of yogurt, especially made from the same milk in their other milk products. So, this will mean that whatever health benefits they do to their milk, the effects will also be felt if you consume their yogurt. Well, that is what I hope anyway. But the truth is, if their milk is good for you, then the yogurt made from those milk will definitely be even better for you, especially when it comes to calcium adsorption.

Here we have the Anlene yogurt. Comes in a 2-pack which is kind of weird. Don’t be fooled by our picture, it is still rather small and consuming two of the tubs is barely enough to provide you with the health benefits yogurt confers. That is just 240ml of yogurt! And for so little a yogurt, it is still rather expensive. If I remember correctly, I bought this from Shop N Save for S$2.20.

Check it out – Hi Calcium Low Fat Yogurt! They have a formula for strong bones. Yes, it is some sort of Nano-calcium which is more than 100x smaller than the regular calcium. Cool. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is the mixed berries flavour.  In my opinion, the mixed berries flavour in this yogurt is just a bit weak. Yes, you will find bits and pieces of the fruits in the yogurt, but that’s about it. I think a little more flavour will do this yogurt justice.

Yes, Anlene - expert in bone nutirition!

The nutrition table for this yogurt.

Okay, the ingredients are water, milk solids, sugar, mixed berries, minerals like tri-calcium phosphate, nano-calcium carbonate and magnesium phosphate, vitamin  D3, live cultures like s.thermophilus and l.bularicus. It also contains permitted stabilizers, flavourings and colouring. Too bad, they don’t have other live cultures like l.acidophilus, just the basic yogurt cultures. I think it could even be better if it included other types of live cultures (probiotics) since we know that those are good for our digestive systems.

Made in Malaysia.

The weird thing is that the wordings on the yogurt tubs themselves are all in Bahasa Melayu. I guess this way, they solve all the problems with selling in Malaysia and in Singapore. Just use an English cover for those sold in Singapore and a Malay cover for those sold in Malaysia. Save quite a lot of money when it comes to packaging as well.

Yoplait No Fat Mango Yogurt

Hohoho, we are back reviewing yogurts again. After a short break, we are back with a vengeance! I am sure that we have a lot of readers awaiting for more yogurt...

Hohoho, we are back reviewing yogurts again. After a short break, we are back with a vengeance! I am sure that we have a lot of readers awaiting for more yogurt reviews from me, so here I am, reviewing yet another brand. First of all, this Yoplait No Fat Yogurt (Forme) is different from the low fat variety (Yogurt Lite) I reviewed before. Check out the the colour of the packaging is different – Yoplait No Fat is green while the low fat variety is blue, so you guys will know the difference easily. If you are scared of fat, you will need to choose the green Yoplait because it is supposed to have no fat milk or skim milk. I don’t know about you, but I perfer my yogurt to have a little more body, so I am more for the low fat variety. And as I have mentioned before, full cream milk is much more healthier than low fat or non fat milk. Most of the nutrients are in the milkfat. If you are consuming skim milk, might as well drink white water.

Anyway, this Yoplait from Australia is very common in our local supermarket shelves. You should easily find them at NTUC, Giant or Shop N Save. And pricing is quite reasonable as well. Sometimes you do get good offers as well. As for the taste, it is nothing special but at the very least it is slightly better than the Marigold tubs. And it is indeed creamier than most brands. The flavours they offer seems a bit limited in  my opinion and it comes it just those regular normal flavours. But we are talking about Singaporeans here, so we usually don’t like to experiment with exotic flavours.

Yes, the greenish Yoplait Forme no fat yogurt. This is the mango flavour.

Net weight of this yogurt is 125g. I know, not much but what to do? Hey, it has less than 1% added sugar. But it is surprisingly not sour at all. Must be all those other artificial sugars which made the yogurt palatable to the masses. That is one thing I am afraid of when it comes to all these “no fat” health freak-appealing yogurt, they usually come with all sorts of artificial sweeteners which might be worst than regular old table sugar (sucrose). Not sure why a lot of people think that artificial sweeteners are better than table sugar.

Skim milk yogurt with fruit! And contains only 50 calories per tub! Wow! That is exactly what you get when you drink white water with just a little sugar in it. Not really good.

Okay, here we have the ingredients list – skim milk, milk solids non fat, mango, thickeners, halal gelatine, acidity regulators, fructose, flavours, stabilisers, sweeteners, preservative, natural colour, live yogurt cultures like s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus and bifidobacterium. In my opinion, the small amount of yogurt you consume per tub, those live cultures from the yogurt will not be effective. You should be consuming about 250-400g of yogurt per day.

Ya, contains artifical sweetener acesulphame potassium! Again, I don’t think it is good to consume artificial sweeteners. Oh, I forgot to tell you, this brand of yogurt is manufactured in Australia!

See another one of those fancy names! Here we have Phenylalanine, whatever that is.

Yup, they have 3 active cultures and (as mentioned previously) is made in Australia!  The best before date is 19th of July. Not bad. That means that this is quite fresh.

Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie

Ahhh…..yet another of those wonderful yogurt reviews. As you guys should know by now, I love yogurt. I love yogurt so much that I normally would consume about 300-400g of yogurt...

Ahhh…..yet another of those wonderful yogurt reviews. As you guys should know by now, I love yogurt. I love yogurt so much that I normally would consume about 300-400g of yogurt every day. I am guessing that this is more than what the usual Singaporean would normally consume per week. However, regularly consuming yogurt is good. Yogurt has good bacteria (probiotics) which can help improve or maintain your digestive system. A healthy colon means better immunity against diseases. However, the probiotics in regular yogurt is not strong enough to colonize your colon, so you will need to replenish the probiotics regularly for it to be effective. I would recommend eating a 250g cup of yogurt every day. Or just drink Kefir – the probiotic powerhouse!

As with most of my purchases, I bought this on offer. About S$2.85 or so from Cold Storage. You won’t find this brand in other supermarkets in Singapore. Remember, this Yoplait brand is from the United States, not the Australian one which is more commonly available.

Sorry about the darken picture. I took this photo in the evening, so lack of light. Key Lime Pie!

Yoplait Light Fat Free – Key Lime Pie Flavoured.

Wow, no fat yogurt - with aspartame & other sweetener. Vitamins A & D added. 1/3 fewer calories than regular lowfat yogurts. Now, that is something to be worried about – those artificial sweeteners. Anyone looking for a healthy snack might believe that this yogurt is good for them, but this is further from the truth. Those artificial sweeteners might make such a health snack by yogurt into someone extremely unhealthy. I would not recommend any forms of artificial sweeteners to anyone. Oh, this comes with Live & Active Cultures. You should always buy yogurt that comes with live and active cultures. Without these live cultures, you are losing a lot of health benefits from consuming yogurt.

Cool – 20% daily value of calcium and vitamin D. I think a lot of Singaporeans do not consume enough calcium in their daily diet, so yogurt is a good way to supplement your daily diet with calcium. This cup contains about 170g of yogurt.

Here we have the ingredients list -cultured pasteurised grade A nonfat milk, high fructose corn syrup, modified corn starch, nonfat milk, kosher gelatin, lime juice concentrate, critic acid, tricalcium phosphate, aspartame, potassium sorbate, natural colour, yellow #5, vitamin A acetate, blue #1 and Vitamin D3. And they mention that this is high in calcium with active live cultures including l.acidophilus.

Check it out – no fat! You are consuming a supposedly dairy product which has no fat!

Ya, it meets the national yogurt association criteria for live and active yogurt cultures. This means that they guarantee that there are a certain amount of live yogurt cultures present in the yogurt at time of consumption.

The top of the Yoplait Light Key Lime Pie flavoured yogurt! Yes, imported by Cold Storage Singapore. “It is so good”!

Well, this is the end of the review.  If you are interested in eating some unique flavoured yogurt, you should check out Cold Storage. They do have a number of exotic varieties which you can choose from.

Caspian Sea Yogurt (Matsoni) Photos

Man, I just love this Caspian Sea Yogurt (Matsoni). It not only taste great, the yogurt is easy to make as well. Even easier than making Kefir. You don’t need to...

Man, I just love this Caspian Sea Yogurt (Matsoni). It not only taste great, the yogurt is easy to make as well. Even easier than making Kefir. You don’t need to do any straining at all. You just add some of the previous batch of Caspian Sea Yogurt into milk, cover the container with a piece of cloth and let it ferment for like 8 hours or so. In Singapore’s weather, I guess about 8 hours should be more than enough. In countries with a colder climate, longer fermentation is required. After the fermentation is complete (you can observe that the yogurt is stable when tilted), you can start eating this delicious yogurt. Of course, you will need to keep some yogurt in a very clean container to innoculate the next batch. It is just so simple that I am surprised that not many people are making their own yogurt using this strains of bacteria.

For those who are interested in the taste, well, I have to say that it definitely taste better than regular yogurt. Regular yogurt have this tart taste, which a lot of people find off-putting. They add tons of sugar, flavouring and other additives to make it palatable. For this Caspian Sea Yogurt, it taste bland not sour. And in fact, there is a slight sweetness to it. Adding fruits or honey would make it very agreeable with most consumers. You don’t need sugar. The Japanese love it, and you know that the Japanese are very fussy when it comes to the taste of their food. Health-wise, I am not very sure. Well, we know that there are probiotics in the Caspian Sea Yogurt since it is made from the Caspian Sea Yogurt cultures but other than that, I cannot find much information about it. Anyway, most of the information on the CSY is in Japanese, as the Japanese did a lot of research on it. Hopefully, someone can translate those information into English for us. I am very keen to see what kinds of vitamins, minerals and nutrients the CSY has. I also wonder what the CSY bacteria is doing in my gut when I consume it.

And if you are worried about any risk, I have to inform you that this CSY has been consumed by generations of Georgians and they supposedly live very long lives.  Yes,of course, I am not saying that CSY is the only reason why their health is so good, but I am sure that it is part of it. So don’t worry, if your equipment and handling is clean and proper, the CSY will turn out fine. I heard that this strain is very hardy and should not have any problems. Make sure you use pasteurised milk for making CSY. It seems that UHT milk will turn your CSY lumpy.

Creamy Caspian Sea Yogurt! Just check out how thick it is! By the way, I am using full cream milk here. If you are using low fat milk or skim milk, you might find that your yogurt is a bit on the watery side. I always encourage my readers to use full cream milk instead of low fat milk to make yogurt. Also note that how white it is. Most regular yogurt will have this slightly yellowish tint to it, but CSY results in very white yogurt! Yes, very appealing!

Yes, feels like honey.

Another photo showing how “sticky” this yogurt is.  I doubt that you will be able to get this kind of creaminess and stickness with the regular yogurt. Most of the end results I have with making regular yogurt is lumpy and slightly runny yogurt. Even with the Easiyo Yogurt Base, I don’t get this kind of texture. That is why I am sticking to CSY for my yogurt fix!

Final picture of the CSY. Yummy!

I hope that these pictures are enough to convince you to try out Caspian Sea Yogurt. Leave the boring old regular yogurt behind and start enjoying extremely delicious yogurt. It is cheaper (hey, economy now no good), delicious and easy to do. I bought my yogurt culture from eBay. Not very expensive – about US$10. And because it is a very hardy strain, you can continue to use a small amount of the previous batch to make your next batch of yogurt. Lasts forever if properly handled.

PS: If you are interested, you might want to try out this local site: Their prices seem reasonable. Theirs is from Japan. Most likely a commercial powdered starter.

Yoplait Original Harvest Peach Yogurt

I really cannot get enough of yogurt. Every day when I pass by those supermarkets, my mind would be wondering whether the supermarket brought in any new stock of yogurt and...

I really cannot get enough of yogurt. Every day when I pass by those supermarkets, my mind would be wondering whether the supermarket brought in any new stock of yogurt and whether there is any special offers for yogurt.  It is like somehow yogurt is connected to supermarkets and my brain. When I pass any supermarkets, the yogurt will send signals to my brain telling it to go in and purchase them. Luckily, I am not rich. That is why my fridge is not stock full of yogurt. And I love trying out new brands of yogurt. You can find a number of those unknown brands in Cold Storage and of course, as all Cold Storage stuff, they cost dearly. If I am not wrong, Cold Storage caters to the more affluent group of Singaporeans and foreigners. Poor people like me will be stuck with eating the runny Marigold yogurt all our life. Kind of sad if you think about it.

However, at times, there will be offers. This is when I come in. Those reduced prices could go as low as 50%! Just like this Yoplait Yogurt I purchased about 2 weeks back, the price has halved. The original price for this 170g of Yogurt was actually S$5 something but I got it for S$2.85 or so. If I am not wrong, the yogurt was about to expire, so they had to clear stock. Hey, again, beggars cannot be choosers. And I have to tell you, Yoplait yogurt does taste very very delicious. However, one thing I realize about American yogurt is that they are very sweet, the Yoplait brand is no exception. Even the Australian yogurt are not as sweet. Guess Americans do have a sweet tooth. Anyway, it is not like I am able to afford to eat this brand every day, so it should be alright.

The Yoplait Original 99% Fat Free Harvest Peach Yogurt. What is the difference between Harvest Peach and the normal peach? The peaches are fresher? No idea, but the most important is that the yogurt does taste very nice. And don’t you love the Yoplait logo? That cute little 5 petals flower standing all straight? No? Well, it is your loss then. LOL!

A more detailed picture of the Yogurt cup. Do notice that it is inverted. The thinner portion is on the top while the wider portion is on the bottom. This is significant because although the Yogurt cup looks big, it is actually not. On the bottom with its wider portion has a empty space about a few centimeters. Yes, I said empty space. Well, what can I say except that that’s business for you.

Hoot! 20% daily value of calcium and Vitamin D! Very nice indeed.  Hope that these are easily absorbed by the body.

Low-fat Yogurt. 1% milkfat vitamins A & D added. And yes, check out the Live & Active Cultures logo on the bottom. That means that this yogurt is suppose to contain a certain amount of live & active cultures when you consume it within the best before date. You know that live & active cultures in yogurt is good for your intestines and your overall digestive system?

Here we have the ingredients – cultured pasteurized grade a low fat milk, sugar, peaches, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, nonfat milk, kosher gelatin, natural flavour, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, pectin, coloured with annatto extract, vitamin a actate and vitamin d3. Those live culutres include l.acidophilus – just like those in Vitagen. Remember, these cultures are important for you. Make sure that all the yogurt you consume comes with such live and active cultures.

Ya, no trans fat! This yogurt is not a significant source of dietary fiber, vitamin c & iron. So you will need to consume other food products to get those nutrients. Remember always to eat all foods moderately. When I encourage my readers to eat yogurt, I don’t mean like 1 kg of yogurt per day while ignoring other foodstuff. I would say about 250g or 300g of good quality yogurt per day is good. When I say good quality yogurt, I don’t mean the Yoplait sugar yogurt, but fresh, plain yogurt. Plain yogurt do not contain sugars.

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