Some Nice Looking UAE (AJMAN State) Stamps

Ajman is the smallest state in the United Arab Emirates by area. And what do you know? They do have some nice looking stamps indeed! I was just surprised to find such good looking stamps from such a small place.  Its population is about 400 thousand inhabitants. Much much smaller than Singapore’s population.  And most of the inhabitants live in the city of Ajamn itself. I guess cities are always more attractive to people right?

Anyway, what I didn’t know is that the Ajman state often produce colourful stamps for this or that commemoration. In fact, they are famous for that. A little trivial for you. I wonder whether the inhabitants of Ajman state also enjoy collecting stamps? If not, it would certainly be a waste. Please enjoy the next few photos taken by yours truly of the Ajman stamps.

Probably commemorating some famous paintings in Munich. All these are from the art treasure cove of Alte Pinakothek in Germany. I tried very hard to find the name of the painting but all I know is this is a painting by Martin Schaffner called the Altar of Wettenhausen.  And I am not even sure it is an actual painting. Looks like it is part of a set of frames or something. Not too sure. Anyways, it is a very good looking stamp isn’t it? Rather proud to have this stamp in my collection.

Oh my god, there is a tear on the bottom left of the stamp. It was like that when I received the stamp, so it is not my fault. I am not very happy with the seller for this. The name of the painting is “The Adoration of the three wise men“. Sadly, I can’t find any reference to this painting. And that tear kept on bothering me. Oh, sorry for the slightly blurred photo. I think I must be too angry to take a proper photo.

Yet another beautiful stamp. This time it is “Altar Paumgartner“. I believe this is painting from the center panel of some altar piece. I actually like this stamp more than the rest of the set. Although the pink colour of the other stamps gives a good contrast, the design of this stamp makes it look more original. Of course, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. So, it is up to you to decide. This is in perfect condition.

“Altar of the Three Wise Men”. In very good condition.

Being a art novice, I was rather confused that this had the exact same name as the previous one – Altar of Wettenhausen. But then I realize that these are actual part of an altar piece. So from the photo, I am guessing that this is the center left part of the altar piece and the previous one was the center right. Just search for the “Altar of Wettenhausen” and you will understand. Maybe it is not an altar piece but  some sort of changing partition? Wow,  I must be getting smarter! And that means that there are a quite a number of missing stamps in this set. So if anyone has one or both of the stamps needed to complete this set, please email me. I would very much like to discuss with you on the possibility of obtaining the rest of the set.

This time it is yet another painting by some famous painter – “Holy Family House Canigiani“. This is indeed a very famous painting. And judging from the photo, I can understand why. Beautifully drawn painting. And the stamp is in superb condition as well!

Well, I have come to the end of the set of stamps I purchased from eBay. See you soon. And remember to spread the word about stamp collecting. It is a worth while hobby anyone at any age can enjoy. And you don’t need to be rich to do it. Best of all, you don’t need to spend hours and hours on it. Ciao!