Some Nice Looking Belgium Stamps (Part 2)

This is a continual from “Part 1″ where I posted a few nice looking Belgium stamps.  I really doubt that any of these stamps are valuable. More like they are a hobby for my brother than anything else. And you get certain satisfaction a few years (or decades) later when you go back and have another look at the stamps you have collection. These are not my stamps and I still find it satisfying that these stamps have been preserved for over 2 decades. Of course, my brother and I are just amateurs. Not professionals at all. Some of the stamps are not in good condition and usually they suffer from some sort of water mark or tearing.

Probably a stamp showing the different mode of transport. In the past, it is horse-drawn carriages. Now modern cars.  The illustration is quite nice isn’t it?I always felt that this stamp is one of the best looking in my brother’s collection.  Very nice mix of colours. This stamp was published in 1979. Yes, it is too bad that there is a slight tear at the center top of the stamp. Most likely this is due to improper handling when removing the stamp.

Nice mix of colours as the previous stamps. Seems that Belgian artists do have some talent. This stamp seems to be celebrating modern forms of commnications like satellite and so on. Not too sure what those “pencil” stuff on the buildings are for though. Some slight damage at the right of the stamp though. Anyone has any idea when this stamp was published?

I have absolutely no idea what they are saying.  The illustration is probably a male and a female holding a staff or something and celebrating some event. Anyone knows the significance of this stamp? Googling the name “Chambres des Metiers et Negoces” came up with nothing. This stamp was released in 1978.

This is a nice looking stamp indeed. Must be some famous composer performing some music magic. And yes, not a single damage or mark on the stamp at all. If only all the stamps were handled carefully during those times, all the stamps should be damage-free. But alas, when we were much younger, we lack the patience to properly soak the stamps and wait till it could easily peel off.

Small but chic looking. Bokrijk Belgium is famous for its collection of old Flemish houses (as seen in the stamp) and beautiful farmland. And check out the windmill in the background. The place is actually an open air museum showcasing old Belgian architecture and local professions. One day I will visit Belgium and walk slowly through this open air museum. Well, if only Singapore had such beauty…This stamp was published in 1968.

Affligem is a municipality located some 20 km west-north-west of Brussels in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant, not far from the town of Aalst and the important railway junction of Denderleeuw.” – direct from Wikipedia. This must be a picture of the government house or some important property there. And quite nicely drawn as well.This stamp was printed in 1964.

A stamp commemorating The United Nations. This stamp depict a view at night of  The UN headquarters in Manhattan. Though one might wonder why it grace a Belgium stamp if it is in America – it is because Belgium is a member of the United Nations.  But of course, what is the exact function of the United Nation is the main question, isn’t it? In my opinion, it seems to be everywhere but sadly, it is not doing anything useful. But you are right, we should keep politics out of this topics. It is all about stamps and how we love them!