Some Nice Looking Belgium Stamps (Part 1)

Yet again, I will be posting some nice looking stamps. This time from Belgium. I am just surprised that my brother has so many stamps from Belgium! Perhaps he has some friends in Belgium or that his penpal is Belgian. No matter, all we are interested in are the stamps and they do not disappoint. There are quite a number of very good looking stamps available from that country. In fact, I think they are one of the better looking one from my brother’s collection. I have never been to Belgium, but still kind of cool that have several of their “older” stamps here.

Singapore does have quite a number of stamp collections. However, it is usually the older generation who are more into Stamp collecting. You will be surprised to realize that quite a few of the young do not know that there is such a thing as “stamps” or have never touched or pasted a stamp in their life. Everything is done through the Internet nowadays and any communication through the mobile phone or through electronic means like email or instant messaging. Mailing a physical letter is alien to kids nowadays. So yes, the stamp collecting hobby is dying in Singapore.

Not bad about the damage on the right. I am guessing that another stamp was stuck to it during the removal process and resulted in the slight tearing of the surface. But this stamp is still quite nice looking right? It is a picture of a building celebrating some Western Europe anniversary. If someone knows the name of the building or the significance of this building, please leave a comment. I would very much like to know.

Hey that is Tin-Tin, my favourite comic hero during my primary school days! Oh, I remember trading with my friends the Adventures of Tin-Tin comic books (they are pretty expensive for school students) every time someone got a new book. And yes, it was created by a Belgian artist – Georges RĂ©mi. The dog is called snowy. And I must have spent like hours and hours reading through all his comics. In the time before Internet, comic books were a major source of entertainment for us kids. This stamp has some white marks on it – at the center of the stamp.

A stamp celebrating some comet in 1956. Yes, there is a very obvious white mark on the right of the stamp.

The picture looks kind of blurry but it is not due to the way the photo is taken. The picture on the stamp looks blurry to begin with. I am guessing that the blurred picture is deliberate to give that “artsy” old painting feeling. There is no way I am able to improve on the quality of the photo with my crappy camera. Probably a painting portrait of the likeness of some famous person in Belgium. This stamp was published in 1982. However what is amazing is that this stamp has absolutely no damage to it. Not even any visible water damage.

Very nice looking stamp. Montigny-le-Tilleul is a Walloon municipality located in the Belgian province of Hainaut and this picture is probably a famous building there. This stamp is one of the better looking ones my brother has. And looks damage free as well.

A stamp commemorating some Belgium military school with the likeness of a ceremonial military hat. Why not? I don’t have many stamps commemorating military in my brother’s collection anyway. I am not saying that it is particularly beautiful, but it is kind of different. I am pretty sure that if you have stamps from North Korea, they would contain quite a lot of military stuff. But stamps from Belgium, it would be rather rare.

Anyway, this is the end of the sneak peak for Belgium Stamps. I will be posting more in due course. Ciao and if you have a stamp with the likeness of Hercule Poirot, I would surely like to have a look at it.