Coconut Water Kefir!

Have you guys heard of this Coconut Water Kefir? It is kind of like sugar water kefir but instead of sugar and water as a medium for fermentation, we would be...

Have you guys heard of this Coconut Water Kefir? It is kind of like sugar water kefir but instead of sugar and water as a medium for fermentation, we would be using coconut water instead. And coconut water is not coconut milk. It is the “juice” from the coconut itself. Coconut milk is made from the “meat” of the coconuts which is kind of milky. Coconut milk is used in many Indian cuisine and in curries. Coconut water is used for quenching thirst by locals. And from what I read, coconut water is one of the healthiest drink you can find out there. It contains good amounts of minerals and vitamins to help your body. And now, we are going to ferment it just like milk kefir!Just think of the health benefits we get from that! As this is the first time I am making coconut water keifr, hopefully, it will turn out alright.

In Singapore, you can find coconuts everywhere. Our local supermarkets do carry coconuts, but usually young Thai coconuts, which according to experts taste better. I have to agree. Young coconuts do taste better than older ones. They are also much sweeter and contains more minerals and vitamins. In other words, they are supposed to be healthier for you. The ones you find in our supermarkets usually have their husks removed and they look smaller than what we normally expect. No problems, it is not like there is anything we can do with the coconut husks. Furthermore, they are already cut, so what you do is to “peel” off the top and drink the juice itself. Easy.

The equipment needed to make coconut water kefir. 3 young coconuts and a kefir pack. I will be using a kefir pack instead of kefir grains. From what I read, using the kefir pack will result in a better tasting coconut kefir. Furthermore, I don’t have sugary water kefir grains, only milk kefir grains. Sugary water kefir grains make better coconut water kefir than milk grains, since they have been conditioned to thrive in a sugary medium. But I will have to experiment. The next time, I will try with milk kefir grains and compare the results.

S$1.70 per coconut. Not cheap, especially when you realize that we are located in coconut region. But what to do?

Check out the nutritional information. Approximately 270g of coconut water for a 450g of coconut. That is about half.

Hahahaha, someone drilled an opening for you! All you have to do is to use a spoon and peel open the cover. Smart right? You don’t have to play with a hacksaw or a chopper or whatever, just for some coconut water. Of course, you have to be careful when choosing the coconuts. If you see that the coconut water is leaking out, avoid them. Remember, coconut water spoils easily. You don’t want to be consuming bacteria infected coconut water.

There, see how easy that was. After pouring the coconut water, you can eat the coconut meat with a spoon. They taste quite wonderful. Ahhh….life is great!

Here we have the kefir pack I bought online a while back. Note that this is not real kefir but some sort of “manufactured” kefir powder with some of the selected bacteria from actual kefir. It is not the best solution but for the time being, it will do. And unlike real kefir grain, this will not last you a lifetime, you will need to purchase new kefir packs after a few attempts. Why? Well, this is because the bacteria in the kefir packs will weaken and might eventually die or mutate.

Looks like milk powder!

I poured the coconut water from the three coconuts into this container. Of course I spilled half of them onto the sink. Hey, it is hard to get the coconut water from the coconut without a straw!

After adding the powdered kefir into the coconut water. Remember to shake the hell out of the container. You will want the powdered kefir to mix with the coconut water for even fermentation.

Another view. Let’s hope it will turn out to be a delicious drink for me to enjoy. It will take about 48-72 hrs for it to ferment. After that, you will get a tangy fizzy drink called coconut water kefir which is an elixir of health, especially in Singapore where the weather nowadays is extremely warm. I will report on the results when it is done. Can’t wait to taste this one!