Bliss Yogurt Drink Cucumber Lime

I have to admit, I am not a fan of yogurt drinks. They tend to be too sticky and most are just too sweet. I mean, when you are thirsty, you can’t really drink a yogurt drink. And it can’t eat it like normal yogurt since they are so watery and not filling. Yes, there are some “probiotic” milk based drinks like Yakult and Vitagen which is kind of like yogurt drinks but they feel somehow different. But Nestle Bliss Yogurt Drinks kind of surprises me, especially the newer flavours. Previously, they had the normal Strawberry and whatever berry flavour. And of course, these are just too sticky and sweet. I usually cannot drink finish one bottle because of that. But this cucumber and lime flavour, it is very refreshing. Yes, it is still a bit too sticky but overall, it gives a great mouth-feel, especially when you are thirsty. I am rather impressed with Nestle – they have made use of the tropical flavours well. Interesting combination as well. Too bad, the yogurt drinks are not exactly cheap, considering that they are mostly water. Regular yogurt would probably be of better nutritional value than such drinks.But if you are into yogurt drinks, why not? Tastes great and rather convenient as well.

Sorry took the photo of the wrong side – this has Malay wordings on it. This is the Nestle Bliss 0% fat yogurt drink. Yes, this is 0% fat version.

Another view. Look – lime and cucumber! You know that it is going to be very refreshing!

Hmmm….with real fruit juice? Nice. I believe that it states inulin + live (yogurt) cultures = good digestion. Insulin is prebiotics, which acts as food for the probiotic bacteria. And live cultures do help maintain a healthy digestive system in your body. I would highly recommend everyone to consume some probiotics once in a while, if not everyday.

Here we have the nutritional table. Nothing too impressive here but this is yogurt drinks – basically diluted yogurt.

Some fun facts for you – Inulin is prebiotic. It helps increase intestinal Bifidobacteria. Well, to a certain extent prebiotics are great but do not over-do it. What is good for the probiotics can also be good for the bad bacteria in your body. I guess if you are feeling fine, there should not be any problem with consuming prebiotics.

Okay, the ingredients are sugar, fruit juices (lime & cucumber), milk solids, fructose, Inulin, Citric Acid, Mixed Live Cultures (l.acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and s.thermophilus), stabilizer and flavourings. So, since they claim that there is no artificial flavourings, where does these “flavourings” come from? I guess it could mean that the flavourings are from plants or naturally occurring. Oh, please keep this refrigerated at 4°C or it will go bad on you. Or the yogurt cultures in the drink will go bonkers and start eating all the sugars in the drink? Whatever. Enjoy the drink.