Fernleaf Calci Yum Yogurt – Mango & Strawberry

Yup, it is time for a new yogurt review. It has been a long time since I reviewed yogurt. Well, it is not because I have not been consuming yogurt. In fact, I am consuming yogurt nearly every day. The reason is because I have reviewed nearly all of the yogurt available at our local supermarkets. Furthermore, I am now making my own yogurt, so it is the same old boring sequence which is pointless to post in this blog. Just once is more than enough I guess. But however, it seems that there is a new yogurt in our local supermarkets – this Fernleaf Calci Yum yogurt. Fernleaf is famous for making the cheap “whole family” formula milk powder which it seems that no ones consumes.  I assume that adults don’t like drinking milk made from powder since it kinds of reminds them of childhood. But for me, as long as it is reasonably cheap, I will use it. What to do? I have not rich and my bank account is often empty.

Anyway, so I purchased this from Shop N Save. Pretty sure that it is available at NTUC, Sheng Siong, Giant and all those supermarkets. The price is pretty okay, but there are cheaper ones out there. I had expected them to market a very cheap yogurt for the masses but I was wrong. This might be targeted at parents wanting some calcium for their kids.

Here we have the Fernleaf Calci Yum Yogurt. 2 flavours! Mango and Strawberry. Each cup is about 60g, so beware, the total is just 240g. The cup is actually pretty small. Check out the cheating giraffe playing hoops. I mean, who can beat the giraffe at hoops? It is tall and…..

Wooohooo! Contains live and active cultures. This is very important when buying yogurt. Without these “probiotic” cultures, it will be less benefical to consume yogurt. These cultures help to maintain a healthy gut flora and we know that the gut is extremely important when fighting against diseases. It is estimated that 70% of your immune ssytem depends on your gut. So remember, probiotics is very important!

Okay, the ingredients are water, milk solids, sucrose, maltodextrin, tri-calcium phosphate, vitamin D3, live cultures (lcatobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus), permitted emulsifiers/stabilisers, flavourings and coloutings. The extra calcium is probably from the tri-calcium phosphate. Yes, there might be a lot of calcium in the yogurt but it does not mean that your body can absorb it. I always believe that adding “tri-calcium phosphate” or any chemicals into a food product (called fortification) is pointless since these might not be make used by your body. It is better to go the natural way. And vitamin D3? Yes, Vitamin D does help in calcium absorption but it is better to get Vitamin D from exposing your body to the sun rather than as a oral supplement. Exposing to sunlight is the natural way our bodies get Vitamin D.

Oh, the milk is from New Zealand! This yogurt contains 2 times the calcium compared to normal full cream milk. Again, this is great and all, but how about the absorption rate? Can your body make use of those extra calcium. I am pretty sure that it is unlikely.

4 small cups of yogurt. 2 mango and the rest are strawberry.

Fernleaf Calci Yum!

2 X calcium of milk gram for gram.

Mango flavoured yogurt from Fernleaf. And yes, check out the amount of colouring needed to get that kind of nice yellowish colour.  The mango flavour isn’t really that nice either.  I was hoping that they would make something which beats the rest of the yogurts available at our local stores. I was disappointed. Their yogurt is nothing spectular. In fact, I think it is downright boring and dull.

The strawberry flavoured yogurt. Again, check out the amount of colouring needed to get that nice pinkish colour.

Well, sadly, the Fernleaf Calci Yum yogurt does not impress me one bit. Taste-wise it is just plain dull. The texture is okay but again, it is probably in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the yogurt. One thing I find good about this brand of yogurt is that it is not too sweet. Some of the yogurts are pretty darn sweet. Your choice I suppose. I am very disappointed. Fernleaf needs to come up with something special if they want to survive in the yogurt market.