Ayam Brand Salmon Mayonnaise

I read from somewhere on the Internet that Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can get. As you guys know, Salmon is very popular among the Japanese dishes and...

I read from somewhere on the Internet that Salmon is one of the healthiest fish you can get. As you guys know, Salmon is very popular among the Japanese dishes and are mostly eaten raw. You ask me to eat raw stuff and I will puke. No offense to those who like raw fish. But I really cannot stomach raw, especially when you look at Salmon, it looks a bit like red meat! Eeeeeek! I don’t even eat the raw fish in Yueh Sheng during Chinese New Year. Yup, I eat the rest of the vegetables, sweets and stuff. Well, my parents keep telling me that I am missing a lot if I don’t try raw fish, but hey, that’s what life is all about – missing things. Furthermore, I don’t like seafood. Never did. The only seafood I eat are those fried fish which does not have the fishy smell. Or fried scallops. Or fried Ikan Bilis.They taste great in Nasi Lemak and in Bian-Mian. I also enjoy cooked canned tuna. Canned Tuna tastes exactly like Chicken! No kidding. It is very meaty, delicious and does not have any fishy smell. And they go very well with rye bread.

As you can see, I am trying my best to add fish and seafood to my diet. The most important is the Omega-3 essential fatty acids which is very beneficial to our body. It helps ourĀ  improve Cardiovascular Health, increases Heart Rate Variability, protects against Fatal Heart Arrhythmia, lower Triglycerides, helps prevent and control High Blood Pressure and Stroke Prevention. For more information on the health benefits of Tuna and the Omega-3 essential fatty acids, please take a look at WHFood’s Tuna page. However, there have been some concerns about the mercury level in Tuna, since Tuna eats other fish and this in turn accumulates mercury in the Tuna making it much higher than other fishes. Well, for me, I think if you eat like maybe 2 servings per week, it should be okay. Some people love fish and seafood. And this group of people are the ones that should be worried about the mercury level in their seafood.

Anyways, after reading rave reviews on Salmon and what it can do for your health, I decided to try it out and bought myself a can of Salmon. I got this from NTUC and it is the Ayam Brand Deli Salmon. This is a spread, that is for you to put on your bread.

Yes, this is ready to eat: Just spread on bread.

The Ayam Brand has been around since 1892. Very old brand. However, the word Ayam is a Malay word for Chicken. Pretty interesting, considering that their core products are seafood stuff. Well, perhaps it started out as a chicken seller, then branch out to seafood? Anyway, I have bought Salmon Mayonnaise! Got to be good for some great tasting spread! Wuhahahaha!

Check out the Omega-3 they have in 100g of Salmon! Wow, 600mg! The daily reommended intake of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) is 650mg. So just 100g of this Salmon and you are all set for the day! Cool right? I guess the problem is most of us don’t eat so much Salmon to get enough of the Omega-3 everyday. I think I might just ned to really started eating more fish. Old already, must take care of my health.

Product of Thailand! The ingredients are Salmon, Soya Bean oil, Pickle Cucumber, Carrot, Vinegar, Onion, Water Chestnut, Thickeners, Sugar, Egg Powder, Permitted flavouring & Colouring, White Pepper and Salt. Yes, the more ingredients something has usually means that the food stuff is full of additives. But we are talking about a spread here, not like this is just Salmon. So I guess it is okay. The vegetables in the ingredients are also beneficial as well.

Yes, the Salmon is fished in a Dolphin friendly way. We don’t want our dear lovely dolphins to be hurt in anyway in the farming of Salmons! I support!

And finally how to open this can. There are only 2 steps involved. Truly amazing all these innovations. Now you can open up a can with just two steps and you don’t need a car opener! And after you open the can, you can eat the food inside the food straight away without cooking! Cool times many.

See, it actually isn’t difficult to be healthy. You can find all sorts of healthy foodstuffs easily in Singapore’s supermarkets. And they aren’t very expensive either. So all the best and hope that you will be healthy.