Cowhead Slim UHT Milk

Looks like there is no end to this madness eh? What we have here is yet another of those little milk reviews that no one wants to read. Even photos of...

Looks like there is no end to this madness eh? What we have here is yet another of those little milk reviews that no one wants to read. Even photos of the milk packs are not longer attractive enough to lure readers to this blog! Well, you are here, so there is at least something. Anyway, the milk for review in time is the Cowhead UHT milk. Yes, the brand is Cowhead. Probably used to make fun of the owner of the brand when he was much younger, most likely in school. I guess everyone knew that he loved cows and dairy so much that they gave him the nickname “Cowhead”. It probably stuck till he went to work and even when he started his own company. So he finally gave up and named his company Cowhead. Not sure whether this is true or not, but this is what I believed happened.  Don’t be surprised to learn that this is true! hahaha!

Okay, before we begin, I need to tell you guys that I bought this at a very cheap price. It was like S$2.20 for 2 packs of milk! The reason could be because they were soon to be expired. As you can see from the below photos, the milk expires on 27th of May. But no worries, I will be consuming them very soon and we have still May to wait. I really don’t worry much about UHT milk as they are processed in such a way that they are very long lasting and will stay relatively fresh. The biggest problem I see is that UHT milk usually don’t taste very good. From my several experiences with drinking UHT milk and pasteurized milk, I have to tell you if you can, go for the pasteurized one.

Yup, Cowhead slim pure milk! This is fat-free milk and comes with high calcium. Of course, the term fat free does not mean that it is completely free of fat. In this context, the milk is 99.5% fat free. I believe that means that there are still 0.5% fat in the milk. I guess it is impossible to remove all the fat from milk and you won’t want to do it either. The milk will turn like water. Eeeeeek!

Oh, made from natural fresh milk! And check out the Superbrands logo on the top right! If you would like to know more about this “Superbrands” thing, please check the wiki. Basically it is an organization which pays tribute to outstanding brands in the country. So that means that Cowhead had done something significant for it to attain the Superbrands Logo. What it did, I have no idea. But it should be something good.

Long life milk! And look, it even comes with instructions on how to open the pack!

Natural Fresh Cow’s Milk! And the UHT process is to maintain long life and retain all the qualities and flavours of the milk. I disagree though.The UHT process is sure to destroy something and usually it is the taste and the aroma of the milk. You don’t expect all the milk to be able to withstand the kind of heat right?

And yes, I will be using this to make myself Kefir once I finish the Farmhouse fresh milk. Ciao! And take care of your health okay?