Farmhouse Fresh Milk!

Oh my god yet again! It is going to be yet another of those boring milk “reviews”! You might be wondering whether I have a life or not, considering that I...

Oh my god yet again! It is going to be yet another of those boring milk “reviews”! You might be wondering whether I have a life or not, considering that I am something doing milk reviews on my free time. And on Valentine’s day somemore! What can I say? Some people go out and spend hundreds of dollars on fake flowers and overpriced restaurants, some people (like me) write little milk “reviews”. That’s life. We are all different in one way or another. And hey, I spend very little money and I hope that it might be useful for readers to know the different kinds of milk available out there. And yet again, this milk I bought is to make my Milk Kefir.

I bought this from Sheng Shiong supermarket. It was on offer. Actually the lady kept on pushing this brand to me and well, I thought it was very well priced so I bought it. It was on offer for S$5.25. Not too expensive for a fresh milk. Of course, UHT milk would be cheaper but hey, this is fresh (pasteurized) milk, not “dead” milk like those UHT ones. And the Kefir I made from pasteurized milk usually taste better than those made from UHT milk. Furthermore, the pasteurized milk is much better for the Kefir grains than UHT milk as there are more nutrients in pasteurized milk. Remember, healthy grains produce better tasting and more nutritious Kefir!

Ahhh…..the bottle of Farmhouse Fresh Milk! Looks good. And if you look carefully, I had already used about one quarter of the milk. Sorry, my previous Meiji milk ran out before I could take photo of the milk bottle, so I had to use the Farmhouse milk first. But that is not important right?

Look, F&N! As I said, there are everywhere in Singapore. You probably can’t escape from F&N. You buy milk, fruit juices, carbonated drinks and what-not, you will definitely encounter F&N.

Yes, it is made from Fresh Australian milk. Well, that is what I hope the logo means anyway. And look at the different between fresh (pasteurized) and UHT milk. This milk has to be used by 19th February 2009. That is 5 days from now. UHT milk can last you months without refrigeration! But as I said before, the UHT process will destroy some of the nutrients and favours in the milk. So if you can, always use fresh milk.

The ingredients are 100% fresh milk! Looks like they buy the milk from Australia, import them to Singapore and pack them here. This is actually a good thing. If those huge containers of milk are properly maintained, the milk would arrive from their source relatively fresh and immediately packed and shipped out to ensure that the final product will also be fresh. Also it provides jobs for Singaporeans.

Hey, look, Trans-fat free! Healthy stuff! Hahahaha!

This is a boring photo of the top of the milk bottle. Nothing special, so we better move on before all of you fall asleep.

Anyway, I just had a taste of the milk Kefir I made using this Farmhouse fresh milk. It was delicious! And very very creamy. I was shocked at how creamy it was. It was just as creamy as the one I made from the organic milk! Took quite a while for it to strain properly but it was all worth it. Thick, creamy and tastes wonderful. I think I will be making more using this brand from now on.