Meadow Fresh Pure Milk (UHT)

Oh god, not yet another milk review! Well, what to do? Everyday I go buy milk, so got to do milk reviews loh. It is not like everyday I am using...

Oh god, not yet another milk review! Well, what to do? Everyday I go buy milk, so got to do milk reviews loh. It is not like everyday I am using some fancy high tech gadget right? If I buy those gadgets, I would be doing reviews on them. Too bad if you are looking for reviews on high tech stuff. But if you are looking for reviews on milk, you are in luck. Because I am doing milk reviews. Err….does that make sense?

Anyway, this time I bought a pretty expensive UHT milk. This brand is Meadow Fresh and it has pure New Zealand milk! Hopefully, those other brands don’t come with fake New Zealand milk. That would be very scary indeed, especially after the Melamine scare we have in China. One thing I really hate about businessmen is that they are extremely greedy. How can a human substitute Melamine for milk proteins and sell it as children’s milk formula? Hope that those people get what they deserve. Coming back to the topic, this milk as usual, will be used for making Kefir. I have been making Kefir for so long that it has became a habit for me to just come back home and start straining the Kefir grains from the actually Kefir. And after that, enjoying a nice bowl of delicious Kefir while doing my stuff. Life can be great if one knows how to just enjoy the simple pleasures.

Meadow Fresh. Looks nice right? I really love the packaging. More manufacturers should hire some designers and remake their ugly ass packaging. Oh, this is New Zealand Full Cream Pure Milk!

Pure and straight from the source, it is naturally New Zealand.¬† Hmmm….I didn’t know that even for milk, you can get Halal certification.

Some important information for you guys who don’t like milk. It states that Meadow Fresh full cream milk is made from fresh milk sourced from¬† farms in New Zealand, and is naturally nutritious for the whole family. It contains protein for young and growing bodies and calcium for building strong bones and teeth. Meadow Fresh UHT is made from fresh nutritious milk which goes through a process called Ultra Heat Treatment to give it a much longer shelf life. Once it is opened, treat it the same as fresh milk. And oh, this is not suitable as a complete milk food for infants. But…but…isn’t this full cream milk? Should contain enough fats for infants right? Well, that is just me wondering. It is better to listen to experts.

Yup, made from Fresh cow’s milk! In french it is Lait entier! Cool, I learned a little french (hopefully it is french). Yes, you have to consume the milk once you opened it within 7 days and you have to keep it refrigerated. Another thing, this is a product from New Zealand. Again, I hope that it doesn’t mean that the milk is from New Zealand cows imported to other countries and marketed “as from New Zealand”.

Okay guys, see you later! I got to go and make myself yet another batch of Kefir.