Harvey Fresh Skim Milk

Another day, another review on some UHT milk ya? I mean we are all creatures of habit right? But seriously, what is life without any changes or something new. I am...

Another day, another review on some UHT milk ya? I mean we are all creatures of habit right? But seriously, what is life without any changes or something new. I am sure that we all have our favourite milk which we always buy. But that is so boring if everyday, we drink the same type or brand of milk. You might even save some money when you do your shopping. I was in Tampines NTUC the other day and Harvey Fresh UHT milk was on sale. It was priced at S$1.70 per pack and I grabbed 2 of them. I actually wanted to get more but Tampines is a bit far from my house and carrying 3 to 4 liters of milk can be very very tiring, especially since I need a walk quite a while as well. So I stuck to 2 packs of the Harvey Fresh Skim milk.

Skim milk is actually low fat (or non-fat) milk. Why is it called Skim milk? Well if you leave fresh milk (as in unprocessed milk), the fat in the milk will tend to float on the surface. This is because when resting still the fat globlues will tend to stick to each other and this produces enough lift for the globlues to float to the surface. At any rate, the fat is then skimmed off to make other stuff while the remaining milk is made into skim milk. Interesting right?

And this is the first time I bought skim milk to make my Kefir. Most of the drinkers of milk Kefir will base their Kefir on low fat milk. The best part about this is that the straining of the milk Kefir will be much easier as there is no fat to deal with. With no much fat, the milk Kefir can easily strain through my very fine plastic strainer and not get stuck in between the grains as well. But since I am not watching my weight, I tend to buy full cream milk myself. If you areon a diet, you should always use low-fat or skim milk for your Kefir as the fermentation process does not affect the fat in the milk (that means you still get the same amount of fat).

Yes, it is pink in colour? Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it looks pretty in pink?

The ang mo boy is happy, so should you. Oh, Harvey Fresh is 100% Australian owned and produced.  At least we are sure that no part of this is made in China or anywhere else.  And look, the cows are happily grazing in the lust green fields. Of course, I doubt that Harvey Fresh’s cows are so lucky. Very likely the cows are kept in a processing-like factory/plant where they are fed horrible looking feed and milked like 12 hours every day. Of course I have no idea whether this is true or not, but in most cases, that is exactly what is happening. If not, they would call it organic milk already.

Made in Australia! Hmm….Singapore has no distributor?

Yes, we know that it can be kept for months because of the Ultra  Heat Treatment thingy.  Oh, this skim milk is not suitable for infants except on medical advice. Ya, due to the reduced fat content, you should not use this skim milk as substitute to the infant’s food intake. I am guessing that nowadays we are so worried about getting fat that we are taking only skim or low fat milk for our own consumption. This has naturally led to some parents thinking that skim milk can also be healthy to young infants. But that is wrong! Infants need the fat in full cream milk!

Ya, super long lasting milk! This milk expires on 11-08-2009!  Cool right. It can last about 10 months without refrigeration! However, when serving, you should serve the milk chilled. And please care for your environment and recycle.