Farmhouse UHT Fresh Milk

Oh boy, it is another milk review! So fun and exciting! I am guessing that after reading this wondrous review, this must have made your day. lol. Anyway, yes, this is yet another of those milk reviews. As you know, all these milk will be used to make my Milk Kefir. From what I was told, many experts in milk Kefir has said not to use UHT milk to make kefir but to me at least, the UHT milk seemed to work fine. And my grains are growing fast. I am pretty sure that it is not the best option but the Kefir grains and the milk Kefir it produces should be fine. The grains merely needs milk as their food source to survive and thrive. And it is a very economical solution. Furthermore, you can purchase the UHT milk and they keep for a long time. You needn’t worry about refrigeration if you don’t open the UHT pack. Of course, you should consume the milk in 3 or 4 days after opening it.

I bought this Farmhouse Milk from Sheng Siong and it cost me S$2.10. Quite reasonable. Yes, not exactly the cheapest but still a good price. However, I need to mention that the milk does smell “plain”. You know when you open a pack of milk, you tend to have this “milky”aroma?  That kind of plain. Well, I didn’t smell that in this milk. Just like when you open a pack of vanilla flavoured milk? I am not very sure why, perhaps it is due to Farmhouse’s heating process?

Hmmm…..what does 100% imported mean? Do they import the milk from overseas and repack it in Singapore? Everyone gets suspicious if you put100% Singapore milk on your label.

Look, it is F&N! Looks like they are controlling a huge portion of the Singapore dairy market. I wonder why did they have this Farmhouse brand under them, especially considering Magnolia is also under them? Some sort of marketing ploy? Did you know that even our Tiger Beer is under F&N!

And what do you think of the design of the milk pack?I find it quite appealing. Good job there, F&N!

See, packed by F&N! I guess what they do is to import milk from New Zealand and then pack it in Singapore! Not technically correct but hey, that is marketing for you.Hey, they hae this feedback email. I wonder whether they immediately forward all the messages sent to that email address to trash or not?

Ingredients is just Fresh Milk. Cool! But look – Needs No Refrigeration, Store in refrigerator. What talk F&N? Sometimes I often wonder what they are thinking when they are writing these stuff. What they meant is that this milk does not require refrigeration until you open it. Once you open the pack, you should store it in the refrigerator.

Wow, the expiry date is 12th November 2009! Yet another of those long lasting milk. UHT what, that is what it is suppose to do, make a long lasting milk. Just that people worry about the heating process which might destroy some of the health benefits of milk.

Oh, I forgot, Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Wish you have received a lot of Ang Baos or you have generously given Ang Baos! Ciao!