Kefir Grains Sharing In Singapore

Sharing is caring. I guess if the world cares, we won’t be seeing so many problems in the world. At least that is what I believe. And I believe that as...

Sharing is caring. I guess if the world cares, we won’t be seeing so many problems in the world. At least that is what I believe. And I believe that as someone who drinks Kefir, it is important for me to inform others about the benefits of drinking Kefir. I hope that others will also enjoy the benefits as well. The health cost in Singapore has been raising like nobody’s business and getting sick is going to be a burden to you and your family. Furthermore, who wants to get sick. We all would like to live a long and healthy life. In Singapore, we live in overcrowded conditions. All you need to do is to take the public transport and you will be immediately bombarded with people sneezing, coughing and spitting. Of course it would be better for them to learn some hygiene but we all know that it won’t happen. So the next best thing is to get some defense against these germs and bacteria. What better way than a healthy colon. And what better to a healthier colon than drinking a daily cup of Milk Kefir to supplement your regular food intake? I have only been drinking Kefir grains for about 2 months and I feel healthier. Sure, most of us will have some minor problems drinking milk Kefir in the beginning but I start by drinking about half a cup and slowly advance to 1 cup. And now, I have no problems drinking Kefir. Your body may need some time to adjust to the Kefir, so don’t not worry if your stomach feels uncomfortable after you have taken your first cup of Kefir.

I myself had a hard time finding Kefir grains in Singapore. It seems that there is nobody in Singapore willing to share or even sell their Kefir grains.I had to purchase the Kefir grains from somebody in Germany. And I think it is a crime that so few in Singapore realize what milk Kefir can do for them. I know, Singaporeans are bombarded with so many different kinds of vitamin supplements, commerical health drinks, pro-biotic capsules and so on, that we naturally believe that everything good must come in a pill or in a bottle. When I told my friend about this milk Kefir, she looked at me like I am some sort of new-age weirdo. Worst of all, they are not used to the taste. Even when I give them a taste of my home made yogurt (plain), most of them find the taste objectable (too sour). Kefir taste sour as well. Furthermore, it looks a lot like milk which have been left on the table for too long, with small curds floating about everywhere. It does not like attractive. I however find the taste very freshing. Sure, it doesn’t taste as good as those sweet drinking yogurt you find in the stores, Istill enjoy drinking it. Remember, it is a pro-biotic drink, packed with all sorts of good bacteria and yeast! No other fermented dairy product comes even close to what Kefir can offer, not even yogurt. So why not, go ahead and get yourself some Kefir grains and live a healthy life?

Anyway, the main point of this blog post is to tell you that I might have some excess Kefir grains to share. So if you live in Singapore and would like to try milk Kefir and be happy, send an email to me at

admin (AT)

and I will send whenever I have any excess grains. Please understand that the grains need to take time to grow, so I might not have any grains at that moment but I will sure try to send them by mail if I have. No, no monetary reward is necessary. However, you must promise to take care of the grains and share them with your friends if you have any excess. If you like, you can get me a pack of milk because my Kefir grains need milk. lol! And spread the word of Kefir to the masses! Let them know that you don’t need to buy those pills to stay healthy. A cup of Kefir a day, keeps the doctor away!

If you are looking for some water kefir grains, you might be interested to contact Alan at

alanchew (AT)

Has has water kefir grains to share. Please make an appointment through email and he will arrange a demonstration and collection for the grains.

Oh, if you live in Malaysia and you are interested in making your very own Kefir drink, kindly contact JOYFUL at

kefirbaby (AT)

She has both the Milk Kefir Grains and the Water Kefir Grains. EnJOY!