Easiyo Yogurt – Cherry & Raspberry

It is time again to make myself some yogurt. Don’t you just love yogurt? I just can’t get enough of yogurt. Yup, every spoon of the delicious and creamy yogurt is like eating a piece of heaven. And it is also a very healthy snack which can be enjoyed by the very young and the very old. However, I would not recommend giving babies yogurt as I am not convinced that yogurt can be a good substitute for milk. But for everyone else, it should be a great alternative to milk. Or you can merely take yogurt alongside milk if you have no problems with drinking milk.

Anyway, I went to Sim Lim Square last Saturday and next to Burlington Square and next to a small hotel, there lies a Phoon Huat store. And inside the Phoon Huat store, we can find Easiyo Yogurt sachets. They are the distributors of Easiyo products mah! It is not surprising that last Saturday, the Phoon Huat store was packed with aunties and uncles buying baking ingredients and stuff for Chinese New Year. Those amateurs! One who only cooks during Chinese New Year is no match for someone like me who makes Yogurt more than twice per week. lol. Well, I bought myself 2 sachets of Easiyo Yogurt – Cherry and Rapsberry flavours. Both of which I have not tried before. So I guess I would be tasting some wonderful Cherry and Raspberry yogurt soon enough!

That’s the Easiyo Cherry Yogurt Sachet. Or some called it Cherry Flavour Yogurt Real Base & Culture. 235g of milk powder and flavourings to make 1kg of yogurt! 1kg of yogurt is not enough for me hor!

The back of the Easiyo Raspberry Yogurt Sachet. Well, nothing special about that as we have seen this time and time again when you read my Easiyo reviews. I am sorry about that but for completeness,  I have to take photos of the back of the sachet.

The ingredients are about the same. It contains Pasteurised whole & skim milk solids (57%) from free range cows (which could mean that they are organic?), natural emulsifier, lecithin, sugar, flavouring, live lactic cultures like l.bularicus, s.thermophilus and l.acidophilus and natural colour. This Cherry flavour yogurt contains only 3 types of live cultures.

Hooohooohooo! Rapsberry flavoured yogurt! Now, we all know that Rapsberry is the next best thing to Strawberry. And nothing can go wrong when you add Raspberry to ice cream, cakes, bread, pudding and yes, yogurt! This sachet contains about 230g of milk powder and flavourings.

Errr….yet another picture of the Sachet. The Raspberry Flavour Real Yogurt Base & Culture!

Hmmm….you can see that there is a difference in the ingredients used. Firstly, the milk solids is now 68% rather than 57% which means that the Raspberry Yogurt contains more milk solids compared to the Cherry Flavoured one? Not entirely sure why is this too. The weight difference is a mere 5 g. And check out the live lactic cultures they have! This contains l.bularicus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus, bifidobacteria and l.casei cultures! Yes, 5 types of live cultures, same as the BioLife range of Easiyo yogurt! And priced lower as well! However, this makes me even more confused. Why does the Raspberry flavoured yogurt come with more milk solids and more types of live cultures but is priced the same as the Cherry sachet?

This is the end of my little review. Hope that you guys will enjoy making yogurt as much as I do. And if you don’t mind, please share with us your experiences. Ciao!