Dutch Lady Shine Drinking Yogurt (Yoghurt)

Could not resist it. These drinking yogurt are usually located at the same area as normal yogurt in the local supermarkets, so it is not difficult to find. And they do...

Could not resist it. These drinking yogurt are usually located at the same area as normal yogurt in the local supermarkets, so it is not difficult to find. And they do look very tempting, especially to a yogurt fan like me. As you guys know, I have been regularly consuming yogurt daily for the past 3 months. I feel healthier and I feel great. Yup, I did get a little cough and flu but it was nothing serious. I am betting that eating yogurt really helped me fight against these diseases.

Drinking yogurt are just like yogurt in more liquid form. That would mean that yogurt being mixed with water or juice. Yup, you are actually drinking diluted yogurt! But if you are in a hurry and you don’t have time to eat, drinking yogurt could be the next best thing. Just grab a bottle of drinking yogurt and gulp it down as you go about your travels. Convenient and easy with no need to fumble for a spoon to scoop your yogurt. But I believe the amount of nutrition in the drinking yogurt should be less than what you consume for the same amount in actual yogurt.  However, I find that drinking yogurt is rather sticky and it is not a good way to quench your thirst.If you are drinking this drinking yogurt for health reasons (as in the yogurt and the juice), I think it is okay. However, don’t try to drink drinking yogurt to quench your thirst. It won’t work! You might find yourself more thirsty if you do it.

Dutch Lady Shine Drinking Yogurt! Why did they call the drinking yogurt Shine? This is Orange and Mango flavoured. The bottle is one very slender plastic bottle. Quite a nice design too.

Ha, it has 0% fat! Comes with green tea extract as well! I am not too sure what the exact benefits of green tea extract is, but it should be good. And it comes with live cultures, which ALL yogurt eaters/drinkers should check out for.

Words of advise from Dutch Lady. And I hope to try all the fruity flavours. The problem is that they have only like 3 varieties which I can find from the stores. lol.

Product of Malaysia. The total weight of the drink is 750g. I assume that a quarter of which is the actual yogurt and the rest is juice and/or water. I would prefer to eat the yogurt and then drink water/juice myself.

Wow, check out the ingredients.  Sucrose, fructose, milk solid non fat, mango juice, orange juice, critic acid, vitamin C, green tea extract, mixed live cultures (like l.bularicus, s.thermophilus)and other stabilizers and colouring. No wonder my mouth feels very sticky when I drink it – so much sugar!

This is the other drinking yogurt I bought. Same brand but different flavour. This is the Strawberry and Raspberry flavour. Still love the design of the bottle.

Not much of a difference from the Orange and Mango drinking yogurt. They did however change the picture of the Oranges and Mangoes to Strawberries and Raspberries.

Same thing here. Made in Malaysia.

Well for the ingredients list, the only differences are the type of juices they added in. For the Strawberry and Raspberry flavoured yogurt, they added Strawberry and Raspberry juice! Amazing!

The truth is that I am not a fan of drinking yogurt. I heard that it is very popular in the Middle East and in India. But I just don’t like it. I would prefer a much solid and creamy yogurt. The texture of the drinking yogurt is more like those chocolate drinks, plus the Dutch Lady ones seemed way too sweet for me.