True Organic Premium Organic Dairy Milk

I am sure that you guys have heard of Organic Milk. If not, I will enlighten you guys regarding organic milk. It is supposed to be just like regular milk but...

I am sure that you guys have heard of Organic Milk. If not, I will enlighten you guys regarding organic milk. It is supposed to be just like regular milk but the cow (or the goat) is allowed to roam around freely in the pasture, is not fed antibotics or is antibotic free and is not treated with bovine growth hormone. I guess what it all means that the cows are treated well, are not given any chemicals and are not given feed with any chemicals. I am not very sure about the health benefits of organic milk but I am sure that if you treat the cows whom produce the milk well, the milk should turn out better. That is perhaps the promise of organic milk. When I was young, I had thought that milk is just that -milk. But taste wise, there is a difference between different brands of milk.

But it cost about twice the price of regular non organic milk! I bought the True Organic Premium Organic Milk for S$2.90. However, it was on offer and not surprisingly,  there was like 2 left on the shelf when I bought it. If I am not wrong, it would cost at least S$3.50 for that one pack. The reason for this high cost is due to the methods of obtaining organic milk. Unlike commercial farming, which concentrates on high production and speed, the organic farmers have to rely on more humane methods of milking and nurturing the cows. This would definitely increase the cost of production for the farmers. And of course, consumers will have to pay for that. You don’t expect everything to come so cheaply now do you?

For me, the high price of organic milk is a concern. I normally would not have purchased organic milk but because of the NTUC offer, I just had to try organic milk that everyone is talking about once before I die. I also would like to skydive before I die, however I don’t have the guts.

True Organic Premium Organic Dairy. Organic Milk from Australia’s organic dairy farmers. Very nice packaging too.

Another view of the 1 litre organic milk. This is certified to be organic by NASAA. The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) is an Australia and International organic certifier. If you would like to read more about NASAA, please visit their website here.

Okay, True Organic is owned by a Co-operative of Australian Organic Dairy Farmers who produced over 80% of Australia certified organic milk. Their farms are located in Australia’s best dairy regions with year round ideal farming conditions. I have never been to Australia’s farming regions but from what I know, they have tons of land down there and I guess they have a lot of choices, unlike in Singapore where you are limited to Chua Chu Kang. We grow goats there I believe.

Anyway,the label also states that they are passionate about their land (like all organic farmers claim), their pastures and their cows. They are committed to the environment and to the sound principles of Organic Agriculture prohibiting the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. For me, I just hope that they taste better than non-organic milk. As some of you guys should know, I am never a great fan of milk. That’s why I take Yogurt and Kefir. All the milk goodness without the milk flavour!

100% certified organic milk! Ya! I am in organic heaven! Let’s all dance naked in the moonlight!

The ingredients are just 100% organic full cream milk.

Yup, another long lasting UHT milk. Even if it is organic, it can still be heated treated to ensure that it will last very long. Even if the organic milk tastes better or has more nutrition than regular milk, would the heat process destroy all it’s goodness? Would be pointless to have organic UHT milk if it does. Although there are some people who buys organic milk because organic farmers more ethical to animals. In other words, cow huggers.

By the way, I had used this full cream milk to make my kefir and I realized that it is a heck lot creamier. The freaking thick kefir it produces was nearly impossible for me to strain due to the thick curds that was formed in the kefir. I am not too sure whether they are actual fats or they are curds. I have used other brands of full cream milk before but none of them produced such thick curds!