My Take On Milk Kefir

It is common knowledge that I have received the Kefir grains a few weeks back and with these grains I have been making Milk Kefir.  Not those Kefir cultures you buy...

It is common knowledge that I have received the Kefir grains a few weeks back and with these grains I have been making Milk Kefir.  Not those Kefir cultures you buy from some manufacturer which comes in powdered form with just a few strains of live bacteria extracted from Milk Kefir. But the actual Kefir grains. This is the real deal, man! They are like those little white cauliflower like things which when you placed them in a milk medium, they convert the milk into Kefir. Yes, the probiotic and delicious milk beverage. However, it is surprising that not many people know about Kefir. I have been asking my friends whether they have heard of this Kefir and most of them looked at me like I am asking them about the theory of life. I myself had not heard of Kefir just a few months back. I guess it is some sort of a well-kept secret. But I am glad that I have discovered Kefir and I really enjoy drinking this probiotic powerhouse.

If you don’t like the taste of fresh milk, you might find the taste of milk Kefir a little more pleasant. If you drink milk once in a while, you might find this “milky” aftertaste objectionable. Kefir doesn’t have this aftertaste. That is because most of the lactose have been converted to lactic acid and the result would be a slightly sour (or if you ferment longer, very sour) but tangy beverage. It has this slight fizz at the end! If you used full cream milk like what I often use, the resulting Kefir will be very creamy. Have you drank drinking yogurt before? The texture is even thicker than that. I think it feels more like melted ice cream! The creaminess really adds to the flavour of the Kefir and makes it even more enjoyable. If you use low fat milk or non fat milk, the Kefir will of course be less creamy. The only way I can describe the overall taste of Kefir is that it is pretty neutral tasting. No sharp taste at all, unless you are very sensitive to sourness. Yes, it is tart. All cultured products are tart but if you compare yogurt and Kefir, I would say yogurt is more tart. However, you would smell a slight rotten eggs aroma during the fermentation process. From what I know, this is normal and you won’t find this taste in the Kefir itself. Perhaps it is some sort of by-product of the fermentation? Whatever it is, a lot of people once they smell this “aroma” would immediately think that their milk is rotten and they would throw the Kefir away. Don’t! Never waste the precious Kefir, it’s a crime if you do.

Anyway, I am taking the Milk Kefir primary for my health.  For the last few months, I have been down with fever, flu, cough, sore throat and all sorts of diseases. The worst was that 39.4°C fever I had that got me off my feet for nearly an entire week. I was in between shivering with cold and sweating like a pig. Never have I felt so sick in my life. I would just spend the entire day sleeping and sleeping with no sense of time. Yes, it was that bad. So, there you go. The main reason why I am taking Kefir is due to my poor health. Kefir, being a nutritious beverage and full of probiotic goodness, I hope will improve my health. And recently, I have been feeling much better. I don’t tired easily like before. And just last Tuesday, I had yet another bout of fever but it lasted only a few hours.  And although my legs ached (due to the fever), my body don’t seemed to be affected much at all. In the evening when I got back home, my fever was all but gone. Since I travel by public transport, I mus have caught the fever from someone in the bus or trains. That’s how the majority of diseases get spread in Singapore.

If you are thinking of attempting to make Kefir yourself and you are looking for a source of Kefir grains, please leave a comment. If I have any spare grains to share, I would gladly share them with you. Just leave me with your email address and I will send the grains to you. In return, you must promise to take care of these grains like they are your baby. And if you can, send me some fresh milk! I need them milk to make Kefir! Lol.