New! Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk

Ahhh…..yet another one of those boring milk reviews. Anyway, most of the blog posts of this type are not actual reviews. More like photos and some ridiculous comments about the product....

Ahhh…..yet another one of those boring milk reviews. Anyway, most of the blog posts of this type are not actual reviews. More like photos and some ridiculous comments about the product. I really doubt anyone would use my “reviews” to do their research on what to purchase. But I guess it would be great as a guide before you actually go down to the store and shop. And it makes you “gian”, Hokkien word for eager. By looking at all these photos of yogurt, milk, drinks and others, don’t you feel that you have to go down to the store and buy some of these shit? If so, then I have done my part. The rest is up to you. If you think that the product is good, healthy and you can afford it, by all means buy it for your whole family to enjoy. If not, then take it as something interesting to read, just like a romance novel.

So, recently I went down to Tampines Mall and visited the NTUC downstairs.The first thing I realized is that Tampines Mall is freaking crowded! And the school holidays are over but still it was crowded. The food courts are crowded, the shops are crowded and even the boring NTUC is crowded. I guess the entire Singapore is crowded. Just imagine the crowd at Boon Lay! I am not sure about you but I think Singapore might soon be too crowded for Singaporeans. All of us Singaporeans will have to move away to make way for foreigners if this continues to go on. They might even get some bouncer sized gangsters to forcibly evict you from your house for that foreign talent to stay. If not,even foreigners might not want to come to Singapore and be squashed like a bug everyday. Err…anyway, I went to NTUC and bought some milk to make my Milk Kefir. The photos of the milk are as follows.

Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk! With this Active-Care thingy. And this is New! But still I cannot find any Dutch Lady picture on the pack. I miss the beautiful lady from Holland. Sad.

A more decent photo of the Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk. I really like the colours they use for the Active-Care logo.

Woohooo! Seems like this Active Care thingy is good! Protein which helps to build body tissues and is essential for growth and development. Calcium which helps to build strong bones and teeth. Vitamin B2 for the release of energy from carbohydrate, protein & fat in our food! And the Choline is there for show only. This is not Chlorine but Choline. However it doesn’t come with any information whatsoever. No, I did not take the photo wrongly or did I miss the bottom portion. That’s the entire photo, I swear!

The ingredients of this milk is more than just milk. It comes with Milk Solids (Non Fat), Milk Fat and Choline Chloride. I suppose that the Choline Chloride is where the Choline comes from. Hopefully, it is not part of Melamine. For those who would like more information on Choline, please take a look at this Wiki. In addition, the milk is enriched with Vitamin A & D3! Huat ah! Good health to all of us!

Oh, this pack contains 1 litre of low fat fortified milk.

Hmmm….product of Malaysia. Anyone knows what is the actual wordings underneath that sticker? Product of China perhaps?

Yes, yet another long lasting milk. Well, it is Ultra Heat Treated that’s why! Not sure what is killed or destroyed during the process, but what choice do we have in Singapore other than goat’s milk? None whatsoever. So most of us are stuck with drinking UHT milk and we just hope for the best lor.

Good bye and good health to all of you.