Alvas Yoghurt – Healthier Choice

Recently I came across this brand of yogurt at several of the smaller stores and also at Sheng Siong. I am not sure why but the other supermarkets like NTUC or...

Recently I came across this brand of yogurt at several of the smaller stores and also at Sheng Siong. I am not sure why but the other supermarkets like NTUC or even Shop N Save don’t carry them. From what I know, they are a local brand. Their yogurts are all manufactured in Singapore which would make them super fresh. However, I would like to inform the reader beforehand that I believe this yogurt is meant for cooking and NOT meant for direct consumption. How do I know this? Well, first of all, the packaging looks downright plain and pathetic. Even my dog would not come near it. Secondly, since this is a set yogurt (which means that the yogurt is set in the container itself) and you will see that the outside of the yogurt cup is full of disgusting bits of dried yogurt. For me, I really don’t mind the ugly packaging. But Singaporeans, in general love nice, cute packaging with flowers, so I am not surprised that it is not being sold in NTUC. I would expect them to sell a little more if you spent a little more time designing their packaging. Of course ignore me as I am no marketing guru which I expect the Alvas Company has hundreds under their payroll.

Okay, now it’s time for the pictures. I lost the receipt but the price of this yogurt is about S$1.20 per cup.

Alvas Yoghurt! Extremely nice packaging. Yes, in line with their company philosophy, the only graphics they have here is the red cow and the Halal Certification. And they have used a dazzling array of colours like Red, Black and Green on their packaging. I am sure that these well matched colours will definitely catch the eyes of any potential yogurt buyers. Way to go, Alvas Company bosses.

And oh, this one cup is 200ml of plain yogurt.

Best! Traditional Set Yogurt! “No add sugar”! No add preservative. No add artificial colouring. No add artificial flavouring. No go school. No speaky engrish. No hire people. No eat yogurt. Me Tarzan. You Jane.

If you go carefully at the picture above, you can see some dried yogurt stuck to the yogurt cup at the top and at the bottom. Usually we get those bits and pieces of dried yogurt in set yogurt. I believe this is because of the transfer process where milk might be spilt on the cups accidentally and they form yogurt on the outsides of the cups. Nothing to worry about. The yogurt inside the cups are still fine. If you want to cry over spilt milk in this instance, be my guest.

The ingredients stated on the packaging are Milk, Solids, Non Fat, Cream, Live Yoghurt Culture (including lacidophilus).  Just amazing! I was just wondering what kind of solids they have in the yoghurt. I hope it is not rocks or stones or gold bars in the yogurt. Who wants gold bars in their yogurt? I don’t. I want gold bars in my safe. And what the hell is non fat? There is no such thing as non fat! And they only have one Live Yoghurt Culture?? That’s just sad. Heck, the culture they have is lacidophilus? What in the world is lacidophilus? Most yogurt manufacturers I know have l.acidophilus cultures in their yogurt which basically means lactobacillus acidophilus.

Send your enquiries and complains to Alvas Food Manufacture Pte Ltd. I am going to write to the boss and demand why they put solids in their yogurt and why they have only one live culture! Most yogurts have billions of live cultures in their cups, man. Come on, we know that the economy is bad but please, give me a little more love here!

Take me home….Alvas!

Not that good looking isn’t it? No, I have not shaken it or stirred it at all. This is the appearance of the set yogurt once you opened it. Looks very lumpy, just like the lunar surface.

However, the important thing to me about yogurt is the taste. I really don’t care about the packaging nor do I care about correct English spelling (my spelling is just as bad). What really matters is the yogurt taste. Although I won’t say that this yogurt is a comparable to fine Japanese yogurt and many of the consumer orientated yogurts you find at our stores, but it taste pretty decent. In fact, for a plain yogurt, it taste pretty darn good. Not too sour like Paul’s and it is relatively thick and easy to eat. Yes, I ate it straight from the cup. Of course, since I believe that this is a cheap production, you will find some surprises at the bottom – the milk solids which have not been completely dissolved. Actually, it is kind of nice. Perhaps they got this idea from those fruits at the bottom yogurts? Brilliant eh? Somebody give the Alvas Company bosses a raise or something! Or they can just give themselves a raise….