Easiyo Yogurt Sachet – Strawberry Flavour

Baahh….I went and bought myself yet another Easiyo Yogurt Sachet a few days back and made myself 1kg of delicious yogurt. Don’t you just love home made stuff? I am now...

Baahh….I went and bought myself yet another Easiyo Yogurt Sachet a few days back and made myself 1kg of delicious yogurt. Don’t you just love home made stuff? I am now trying my hands on more variety of yogurt and experimenting with using different types of yogurt starter. Yes, I am sure that some of the yogurt will turn out not to be successful but most will. Making yogurt is very easy. It is even easier when you use a yogurt maker. All the guesswork has been taken out and you will usually get a good product in the end. I have made about 10 batches of yogurt using the Easiyo Yogurt Maker and the Easiyo Yogurt Sachet (Real Base & Culture) and all turned out good. Of course there are some which turned out to be creamier and firmer than the rest but I think the most likely reason is because of sanitation. Or perhaps they just didn’t have enough time to ferment properly.

And if you are making using just yogurt starter and milk and you have a very clean yogurt jar or container, the yogurt should not turn out to be too runny if you used Full Cream Milk. Of course, low fat or no fat milk, the resulting yogurt will always be a little runnier. The fats in the milk will make the yogurt creamier. And yes, commercial store bought yogurt has added thickeners which make their yogurt firmer. And it is due to these thickeners and other additives that I recommend my readers to make their own yogurt. Or buy those plain yogurts that are free from any additives.

Okay, now I will begin with the pictures of the Easiyo Real Base & Cultures sachet which I had purchased from Phoon Huat.

No surprise here, the price is still S$5.60. After weeks of complaining about the high price of the Easiyo Sachets, it seems that Phoon Huat does not agree with me that the price is too high. Damn you, Phoon Huat! I am going broke here.

Yet another picture of the Easiyo Real Base & Culture. This time it is the Strawberry flavour. You can’t go wrong with Strawberry flavour. It is used everywhere and in nearly every dessert and snacks. And yes, this makes 1kg of yogurt.

The back label of the Easiyo sachet. Made in New Zealand! And from what I read from the Internet, the milk to make the powdered milk never leaves New Zealand which means that it is very safe. Several sources on the Internet had claimed that New Zealand milk has been shipped to China for processing into powdered form and in the process, chemicals (like Melamine) have been added to the milk and then returned to New Zealand in powdered form. And sadly from what I know, the milk powder is still labelled as Made In New Zealand. But this is not the case for Easiyo. Thank the gods! I have eaten about 10kg of Easiyo Yogurt already!

Well the ingredients are whole & skim milk solids, sugar, flavouring, live lactic cultures like l.bulgaricus, s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus and bifidobaceteria and natural colouring – beetroot red. Nearly the same as the rest of the Easiyo yogurt scahets. And if you look carefully, you can see that there is a sticker which states that it is imported & distributed by Phoon Huat & Co Pte ltd. Lower your prices please!

And I have nearly finish this home made strawberry yogurt. Very tasty like most Easiyo yogurt. I await for more exciting flavours from Easiyo.