7 Incredibly Useful Tools for Evaluating a Web Design

Found a gem here. Well, okay, only if you are a webmaster or if you are designing a website for somebody else. I guess it is really more for optimizing your website rather than evaluating a web design, so that title is a bit wrong. Of course, it does include some ways to evaluate how well your web design is and how much click-thru there on on whichever links, so technically it is correct!

Anyways, before my mind starts wondering off yet again, I think I will post the link to the blog page: 7 Incredibly Useful Tools for Evaluating a Web Design. I thinkthere are some very very interesting web tools webmasters and website owners should take a look at. One of the most interesting tool is that ClickHeat tool. It’s sort of like a heat map of where where your visitors tend to click on and where they will usually ignore. I guess it is more of a convenient visual tool than anything else. You will probably get more useful information out of such tools that numbers and figures alone. I am sure this will complement whatever analytics tool you are using.

The next interesting tool is the Yslow for Firebug. Basically it tells you why your page (or someone else’s page) is so damn slow to help you troubleshoot your website. Yes, it’s an add-on for Firefox. Don’t you just love this little open source browser? You just can’t get enough of the numerous number of add-ons available! Furthermore, this add-on will give you some information on how to solve your website’s problems. It’s like your own personal teacher, mentor and lawyer all rolled into one.

However, in my opinion, one of ultimate tool for “evaluating” a web designis that Clicky tool. It’s like a super pumped up Google Analytics on expensive steroids which nobody has heard of. And just look at the many features it supports – real-time monitoring, detailed visitor information, visitor actions, widgets support, data export, live view of visitors and loads more! It is just amazing stuff and yes, it’s a free tool. They have a premium service, which allows you even more functions and features.