SEO For Google – Same Old Same Old

It’s been quite a while since I talked about Search Engine Optimization. Well, if you have been paying attention to the industry, you would realize that Google’s PageRank has been overwhelmingly devalued and it seems that PR has very little to do with how well you rank anymore. In fact, it has been devalued for over a year already. The reason why a lot of people is taking note that the PR devaluation is because of the recent public PR update by Google – a lot of webpages had their PR cut. Some webpages dropped from a PR7 to a PR4 in just one little update. Probably a lot of webmasters are cursing and swearing at their recent drop. I am pretty sure their revenue from selling high PageRank links has dropped a lot as well.

So I am sure what you are interested to know is what now? What’s Google’s great plan for the future of Search Engines? Sadly, it’s the same old thing – links. Links are still the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Although PR has everything to do with links, the value of the link and the anchor text is still very important. And the content of the site which has the link is also important. Related sites will probably carry more weight in the eyes of Google. It tells Google what that link and the site it is pointing to is all about. And it is off-site, less easy to manipulate than on-site factors. And just when you expect big changes from Google! To tell you the truth, Search Engine Technology have become stagnant. You can see all these by just looking at Google and what it has been doing for the past few months – buying up some companies which are not directly related to Search Engine technologies. The most famous purchase is YouTube, and we know that it’s just a popular video hosting site. Nothing to do with Search Engines. I would expect more of the same from Google in the coming months (and years).

If you have been using Search Engines recently, I am sure you didn’t find much of an improvement in your results, right? What more can I say? Big companies often grow too big for their own good and now, we are the ones who has to suffer.