Fallout 3 is Alive!

My favourite game series of all time – The Fallout Series, has another sequel! It’s Fallout 3. For those who never played Fallout and Fallout 2 before, you should rush out and grab a copy (or two) and play them great great Role Playing Game. It’s probably the best out there, except Darklands of course. Nothing beats Darklands, although I have to say Fallout 2 comes quite close.

For those who don’t know what is Fallout or don’t have the money to buy the game for like 10 bucks, it’s an isometric (sideview topdown) Role Playing Game set in the post nuclear world (yes, mutants, radiated rats, giant scorpions, burnt out cars and ragged dirty people). The game came out in 1997 and the sequel (that’s Fallout 2) came out in 1998. The game is sort of played in real-time (partly) and when combat starts, it becomes turn based. So you move a few steps or fire your M72 Gauss Rifle depending on the number of AP (Action Points) and your opponent does the same thing after you have finished yours. Yes, it was kind of like an old school RPG. Your character will gain experience points from completing quests or butchering people (or mutants) and he/she will increase in level. And the increase in level comes “perks” (essentially bonus skills), increase in Skills, increase Hit Points, thicker muscles, harder skulls….the usual RPG things that is standard issue.

But what is great about this game is it’s story line. You are a vault dweller (the people who escaped the nuclear holocaust by living in vaults) and you are forced by circumstances to leave your vault to save the something. It’s also an open-ended RPG, in which you don’t need a follow a fixed path and there are lots of quests to be completed. Futhermore, it has mindblowing violence, groin punching, trash talking, sex, vulgarities, drugs, everything you expect from a great RPG. Heck, you can even get married or become a porn star in the game! Truly, it was really one of the most innovative RPG I ever played.

Well then, after Interplay (the distributor) and Black Isles (the developer) were brought down due to financial problems (or something like that), the next sequel (Fallout 3) landed in Limbo. It was bought over by Bethesda Softworks (yes, the morons who brought you Oblivion Screensaver for 2-year old mutant girls with high end graphic cards) and just recently the released a trailer and a few screenshots for Fallout 3 after like 7 years? They also had a Fallout 3 Press Event in June in which Critical Hits attended and wrote a little preview on Fallout 3. Now, let’s keep our fingers cross that it won’t turn out to be a crap like “Oblivion in Power Armour”.

I will now end with this thought provoking quotation from Fallout:

“War. War never changes.” Whatever.