Don’t Forget the Milk

And now you won’t. There is a online service call Remember the Milk and what it does is act as an online organizer and reminder. It’s a place for you to list down your important appointments dates and times, schedules and tasks so that you won’t forget. So if you are someone like me who can’t even remember how to tie his shoes, you should really use this service. However, for it to work you need to remember to login in the first place. So write it down somewhere you can see. Can’t remember the userid and password? Well…I can’t help you there. But you can set it up so that it can send your reminders through Instant Messaging.

Another interesting feature is that it allows you to send reminders to someone else using the same service. So let’s say your wife would like to remind you to pick up your kids from school, all she has to do is to send a reminder “notice” to your account and when you login, you will be “reminded”. Cool feature. Another unique feature is the map location. It allows you to plan the best way to get about completing your tasks by finding the fastest or the easiest route. Not only will you remember, you will be efficient as well.

And all is available for free to the public. I believe this can be a life saver for many. Just think of the hours of nagging you are spared from your very frustrated wife if you forget to get something from the store on your way home. Priceless.