The ‘Quick Buck Crew’ Directory Experts Guide

Don’t know what Quick Buck Crew means in Web Directory Geek talk? Well, it means the people who start directories only to make a few quick bucks and then run off into the wind or sell it to another brainless moron. Basically, it means people who are in for the short term with no long term plans to continue in the directory business. Not really a correct term but hey, it’s close and everyone likes it, so why go against the crowd. I believe the term was first coined by the Hulk wannabe Anon from Digitalpoint forums.

This “guide” is written by BritishGuy (also from Digitalpoint forums) and you can read it here. And it is pretty funny. Although I have to say, this guide isn’t exactly for the “Quick Buck Crew”, but more for little kids who own directories. I am not talking about the actual age here. I have met a lot of funny and weird characters in the Digitalpoint directory forum and I have to say, this forum has one of the most childish and immature people from all around the world, some even believe the entire galaxy. People who complain about almost everything, from their scripts to their Paypal accounts to mods which other people use to which crap hole they stretch in the morning. Not surprisingly, the directory subforum in the Digitalpoint forums is the busiest and most active.

But whatever the shit you face in the forum, that forum is still the best source of information for anything related to web directories and the web directory industry. And there are some really friendly people there too. So whether you like it or not, you still need to visit it if you are a directory owner. Good luck to us all.